New broom

La Cieca hears (from very reliable sources indeed) that one of the first initiatives of the new Peter Gelb regime at the Met will be to build up Angela Gheorghiu into “house diva.” Apparently the new attitude will be “you’re going on, with or without that wig.” Another top-priority item on the Met’s agenda: a debut (Merry Widow?) and follow-up roles for Andrea Bocelli.


10 Responses to “New broom”

  1. rabanabo Says:

    Andrea Bocelli. Oh, no, please!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Gheorghiu, house diva in New York ? Just keep her there ! This way we will not have to endure her cancellations and her capricious way of life here in Paris !!! Anyway, good luck for her future colleagues !!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    House diva! Does that mean she gets to go on when others cancel. Won’t that be a pleasant change. And what will happen to the adorable if slightly chunky Mr. Gheorghiu? How will he fit into the picture?

    Going to be really non-PC but I always figured that the Brightman-Bocelli team was a winner – the way she looks he was the lucky one.

  4. floridante2k Says:

    OMG! what are they going to do next??? Charlotte Church does Norma?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I suppose, Cieca, that the Met doesn’t need my patron money. Bocelli’s in? I’m out.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There is also talk of an operatunity / met version- i kid you not

  7. Well, this is surprising. I think this might be a good thing if it means it’ll curb Gheorghiu’s off-stage tempermentalism. But let’s look at this as a positive and pray that Mr. Gelb uses this time to do some major housecleaning.

    My question, Cieca, is that with the Gelb appointment, is this going to derail the rumored appointment of Domingo as artistic director at the end of 2006?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So what will happen to the current house soprano, Ruth Ann Swenson?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The Met would be lucky to have her on aqny sort of contract. She has given consistantly great performances here in London – Mimi, Zerlina, Violetta, Nina, Antonia, Magda and others. Don’t get sniffy about her guys! Abd why oh why is her ‘temprament’ served up as a bad thing here while if she had stopped singing or was dead we’d all be saying ‘now that was a diva’. Yes she can be capricious but she remains a very fine singer indeed.

    Swenson???? Helden-Soubrette

  10. Anonymous Says:

    One wonders which of Bocelli’s “house conductors” – Steven Mercurio or Yves Abel – will be at the helm for this Bocelli disaster (or is this the excuse that Gelb will use to introduce amplification into Sybil’s Barn)?

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