Into the lion’s mouth!

The ineffable Leyla Gencer gives a master class in grandezza in the latest episode of Unnatural Acts of Opera. The diva stars as La Gioconda in a live 1971 performance of Ponchielli’s opera.


6 Responses to “Into the lion’s mouth!”

  1. Richard Loeb Says:

    The kind of big, unapologetic singing we need today; not always pretty, not always technically “correct” but never dull and the kind of singing this work needs.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Great choice. And thanks for act II, but darling, what’s with the echo in the introductions?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Say, did anyone ever win the opera quiz for Norma?

  4. La Cieca Says:

    To answer your questions: the echo on the intros was a technical flub, corrected for Act 3. And, yes, there was indeed a winner in the NORMA contest — to be announced during the Act 4 GIOCONDA podcast.

  5. Personovich Says:

    Enjoying the hell out of this, and the intro for Act III was a scream.

  6. Fernandoclassic Says:

    La Cieca,

    Want to thank you for making this available. I really enjoyed the ipodcast. Found the commentaries witty and delightful. Keep up the good work!


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