Sternstunde alert

La Cieca’s fingers are trembling as she types these words because she has only just learned that amazing, awesome, authentic Aprile Millo will take on the title role of Leoncavallo’s Zaza for New York’s Teatro Grattacielo this fall. This latest installment in La Millo’s matriculation at the School of Verismo transpires November 12, 2005 at Alice Tully Hall. Glance at the details, but for heaven’s sake, buy your tickets now, because this, my dears, is an event. (La Cieca will most assuredly be among Le tout New-York in attendance for the hot diva-as-diva action!)


2 Responses to “Sternstunde alert”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    can someone explain the deal here?

    first she was, then she wasn’t; first she was everywhere, then she wasn’t; first she could sing, then she couldn’t; first she had a career, then she didn’t.

    what in the world happened?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Who cares? She is an oasis in a desert. thank god for her.
    Be happy…or not. Most of “us” r.

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