Purché porti la gonnella…

“When his career began, he was singing opposite women old enough to be his grandmother, he said – but female leads are now young enough to be his granddaughter.” Thanks, Leporello, make a note of that in your book, will you? Placido Domingo is close to retirement.


4 Responses to “Purché porti la gonnella…”

  1. Domingo is a Cool Dude. I got to point a spear at him during a San Francisco Opera production of the ridiculous Massenet “Herodiade” with Renee Fleming, and his presence when he walked onto the stage could virtually be felt by everyone.

    And then, when he started singing, let’s just say that I was ready to pass out in my little leather Roman skirt. It’s an amazing voice.

  2. Canadienne Says:

    OK, what is up with the picture in that BBC article? He looks like Yoda there…and I just saw him and he really looks ok!

    In any case, I don’t for a minute believe he’s really going to retire soon.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I understand domingo isn’t 64. the real birthdate is 1934. after all he made his american debut opposite lily pons in 1960, unusual for a 19 year old tenor?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    And sang Marullo at the Mexican National Opera in 1957, very unusual for a 16 year-old on what was a stage that had big casts back in those days.

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