Dykes, ya know

It certainly is not news that lesbians are pretty handy around the opera house, whether it’s singing Octavian or running the light board. But the English National Opera is hoping that the promise of hot girl-on-girl action will give their box office a woody. The company is advertising their production of a new work called The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (based on the 1972 film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder) with a poster depicting a semi-nude woman caressing a female mannequin. Gerald Barry, who is reportedly not a lesbian, is the composer. The full lurid story is in the Sunday Times.


5 Responses to “Dykes, ya know”

  1. You folks should see the ENO season brochure. The nun in the The Carmelites preview looks if she had been debauched by the entire sisterhood. At least the boys have their chance in Billy Budd – and that photo looks like Julian Clary with a noose round his neck.
    Good clean family fun coming (!) with Salome.

  2. I assume the opera will be in English rather than German, which is too bad. Margit Karstenssen, the original Petra in the movie, spoke a totally perfect-diction Hoch Deutsch that could teach German to anybody, even a half-deaf, terrible at picking up languages kind of guy like myself.

    To this day, I can shock any German I meet by the way I pronounce my favorite dirty line in the film, after Petra is asking her young, bisexual lover, who is drinking cocktails in bed while reading trashy magazines, where she was all last night. It seems she was with a large black American soldier, “mit einem grosse schwarze schwanz.” Petra responds, “Du bist eine drekische hure (sp?)” which roughly translates as “you are a sewery whore.” Frankly, this is made for opera, but ONLY in Hoch Deutsch or Hoch English. Anything less and it won’t even begin to work.

    It could be the new “Cosi,” who knows? For women. There are no men.

  3. meretrice i. d'oscena Says:

    But.. that’s what Nana always used to say to me after she read me a bedtime story.

  4. It will be sung in Hoch English, but with English surtitles, such is the level of diction at the ENO these days.

    Local debut by one Rebecca von Lipinski – sounds like a character from the play.

    I’m going to the first night so will report back on the veracity of the translation.

  5. Some thoughts about the premiere, and links to some early reviews, can be found here.

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