The rumor Millo

Sister Sieglinde summarizes the roiling controversy so far in her Diary, and the most recent whisper La Cieca has heard is, “if that rock promoter wanted Avril Lavigne, he should have hired Avril Lavigne; Aprile is an opera singer.”

Among the rumors La Cieca doesn’t believe:

  • Millo is afraid to sing high notes. [Duh, she just did Fanciulla!]
  • The concert wasn’t selling. [Well, everybody La Cieca knows was planning to be there, and a month before the date practically nothing is already sold out. Note, for example, that a Met performance of Manon starring Renee Fleming only a week from today still has seats available at all price levels. ]
  • Millo was being capricious/difficult/herself. [Again, anyone who shows up to sing Fanciulla — and off book at that! — is not going to be panicked at the thought of a recital with piano.]

Now, La Cieca knows she would be a hypocrite to lecture other people on the perils of Schadenfreude; she recalls, for example, practically peeing herself with delight when she heard about the dogs yapping at Cours-la-Reine in Renaaay’s previous Met Manon. However, she will say she just doesn’t quite grasp the glee with which some of those online greet the news that an admired and important artists is not going to sing.


One Response to “The rumor Millo”

  1. Love your blog – found you via Alex Ross and Rich Russel. Viva La Cieca!

    I posted some thoughts on the Aprille Millo broo-ha-ha, at my blog http://www.musictoliveby. Find my recent post “Crossing Over … To The Dark Side” and the subsequent commentary.

    I truly hope you’ll read it, and then (PLEASE) post something provoking!

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