Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

Have the years flown that fast? Well, you tell La Cieca. She just this past weekend realized that it’s been 25 years since Beverly Sills retired from singing. To put that in persepctive, the duration of her retirement (1980 – 2005) is now exactly equal to the duration of her New York City Opera career (1955 – 1980). Yes, that means that Bev debuted at NYCO 50 years ago this year! And yet, to La Cieca, 1980 seems like, if not yesterday, then at most the day before. To mark these anniversaries (silver, silver, and gold, respectively), La Cieca is delighted to present an episode of Unnatural Acts of Opera featuring highlights from the “Beverly!” farewell gala. The show begins with a few numbers from Die Fledermaus, Act 2, starring Kitty Carlisle (Prince Orlovsky), Gianna Rolandi (Adele), Alan Titus (Eisenstein) and La Sills reprising her debut role of Rosalinda. Then out come the guests: Donald Gramm, John Alexander, Leontyne Price, Sherrill Milnes, Eileen Farrell, Renata Scotto and Placido Domingo. The program winds up with a pop/opera medley, Sills duetting with Carol Burnett. On second thought, don’t kiss yesterday goodbye: do what you can to bring it back!


6 Responses to “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye”

  1. celticpriestess Says:

    Hello, La Cieca and everyone! I’m posting for the first time here. I greatly enjoy your site, and I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of “Unnatural Acts of Opera.” I remember the Sills farewell from when I was in college, and I look forward to hearing the excerpts from it. Brava to La Cieca for such a wonderful site!

  2. meretrice i. d'oscena Says:

    Hmmm.. I think that Miss Fleming isn’t the only opera singer who has trouble choosing/singing crossover rep.

    I also think maybe that Burnett and Sills would have been better off singing “Bosom Buddies” come scritto and calling it a day.

  3. Windycityoperaman Says:

    Great to hear the Beverly! farewell gala again! It’s worth it alone for Renata’s “Over the Rehnbooh” and Leontyne’s “What I Did for Looooove!”, and poor Eileen Farrell who was in horrible voice (in her bio she said she was sick that night). Bubbles was the diva who stated it all for me. There aren’t any singers today who were as special as she was.

  4. The Tenth Valkyrie Says:

    Ooh la la, now, a podcast including Prince O. must go on my ipod.

    And what an interesting rendering it is. I’d be curious to know whether that’s a sort of “official” English translation, as it strikes me as …uh… fairly liberal.

  5. Coloratura baritoniale Says:

    I was at Bev’s farewell. What a great night. Scotto singing somewhere over the rainbow, after much vocalizing to the chagrin of Merman. Some really great folk performing. The Sills/
    Burnett duet had been done on Sills and Burnett at the Met, and required very little rehearsal…a thing to think about on a star filled night like that

  6. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Oh Thank you for this podcast. now if only we could hear the rest of the singers, who did not make it past the first cut. What did Ethel sing? and the others? Oh do tell us, dear Cieca.

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