Sillsmania continues

A few of La Cieca’s cher public wrote in to complain that last week’s podcast, the Beverly Sills farewell gala, offered lots of gala but not much Sills. So we’re remedying that this week on “Unnatural Acts of Opera,” with an all-Sills program featuring music by Handel, Mozart and R. Strauss.


6 Responses to “Sillsmania continues”

  1. I know there are many different versions of “Norma”, i have like three, and Callas’s highlights with Ludwig and Corelli…But im not quite satisfied with them, just because the scenes are cut. COuld someone help me find a very complete version, including my favorite scene ever (Trio finale of act I) with no cuts? that’ll be really helpul…

  2. rysanekfreak Says:

    The most complete “Norma” will be the Sutherland-Alexander-Horne recording. Not only is it complete, but it has a few extra measures of music that Bonynge found and re-instated.

  3. Thanx for that suggestion…i’ve heard that the caballe/domingo/cossotto version from RCA is very good and pretty complete too…but that sutherland version from DECCA is more easy to find…
    What about DVD’s? i own the June Anderson version with Daniella Barcellona. This is quite complete, good, but not exciting. What do u guys think?

  4. rysanekfreak Says:

    My opera queen friends (and their number is legion) swear by the outdoor Caballe version from Orange, with a strong wind (le mistral?) blowing away and flapping the robes and capes dramatically. Caballe is ferocious in this one. All those dreadful people who claimed she couldn’t act and always phoned it in should see this DVD.

  5. Caballe on DVD for sure, though that version takes the usual big cuts in the Act 1 Trio-finale. (Caballe herself refers to this performance as the greatest night of her career.)

    The Sutherland-Alexander-Horne NORMA probably has all the music, but keep in mind that as in any Sutherland/Bonynge collaboration, there is a good deal of “adaptation” to better suit Dame Joan’s talents.

  6. Thx for the info Cieca, now becoming popular around my opera friends here in Peru…
    Question: DO u have any recording from Franco Bonisolli?? i just love that tenor. Maybe if u can make an especial or something…

    Thx for sharing ur passion =)

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