The transformation is almost complete.


7 Responses to “Verwandlung”

  1. heldensoubrette Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard!

  2. celticpriestess Says:

    Yes, it should be perfect once Renée gets bangs on her next hairdresser visit. I recall that Barbra did a classical LP in the 70s, so now that Renée has her jazz CD, can a release of Renée-Barbra duets be far behind? 😉

  3. marschallin Says:

    No, the transformation IS complete. Barbra tried crossingover but couldn’t do it, not even with a modicum of merit. And neither could Renée. At least the former knew her roots and had the style and voice to fall back and relax, comfortably, into the cushion of familiar territory. The latter, alas, thinks that everything is the blues and is thus confused beyond salvation. What a ghastly and ugly singer this Renée thing is!

  4. baldtenor Says:

    OK – don’t always agree with Renee’s choices, in fact it’s frustrating to listen to her sometimes. It’s like seeing a painter who has a limitless palette of color continue to use the same 5 colors over and over. But REALLY, are you sure you can call her an “ugly singer”? Judge not, lest….you know the rest.

  5. BT: Don’t worry yourself too much about “Marschallin” — these comments, however myopic, are mild compared to what he’s said elsewhere.

  6. rysanekfreak Says:

    Renee’s singing of “Over the Rainbow” at some gala (the Kennedy Center Honors? for Warren Beatty?) was one of the most bizarre, tasteless, stupid, insane, vulgar things I have ever witnessed. One assumes she got a lot of money for that appearance, but she sure didn’t get any respect from me.

  7. NormaAidaLucia Says:

    Renée, Renée, Renée. We just don’t know what to do anymore…couldn’t you have sung Lucia or something…instead?

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