Que fais-tu, Jossie?

A reliable source informs La Cieca that Jossie Perez will now sing no performances of the Met’s Romeo et Juliette. At the moment, she’s still listed on the Met’s web site for seven of the season’s scheduled 11 performances, but that may be just until her sub has signed on the dotted line. As reported here previously, Joyce DiDonato gets the prima of this new production.

UPDATE: As of Sunday night, Perez is now out of all fall performances; she’s still skedded for the spring revival including the broadcast. And La Cieca is now officially going to stop obsessing about this bit of casting.


4 Responses to “Que fais-tu, Jossie?”

  1. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Jossie is now down to three performances in March, which I think includes the broadcast. I wonder if they are really just letting her down little by little.
    Any inside sources on the whole incident? Is there a problem with the C in the Cadenza? Does the maestro just not like her voice?
    I am fascinated by what is happening – why have they not replaced her name with TBA if they are going to cancel all her perforamcnes?
    Does anyone think any of this his her decision?

  2. ilbarbiere Says:

    The conductor feels badly that she is having vocal problems with the role, but feels he has no choice but to take her off it.. Hanslowe will be taking over the rest of the performances.

    Unfortunately for her, none of this is her decision. This is the Met we are talking about, and she does not have the star power or pull to deal with this sort of situation. She is only a very recent graduate of the Met’s program at this point, and is at their whim.

    These decisions have been made primariy by the conductor, and the higher ups.

  3. To mr il barbiere where the hell are you getting this info from. I know for a fact she was not having a “vocal problems” with the role. The conductor wanted a lighter voice for the first two performances oposed to Jossie and then at that point she herself due to the simple fact that she did not want to sing the rest under him decided to not do any of them.

  4. Now that it is all over, I am sure what the fuss was about. Joyce DiDonato sounded dark and coarse and was not on stage more than 10 minutes. This is the kind of role that Von Stade could have tossed off and made memorable.

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