La Cieca is feeling more and more doyenne-y by the day as she sees so many young bloggers sprouting up like so many tender little, uh, sprouts. Off to a rousing start is wellsung.blogspot.com, written by two little gay boys (or gay-vague boys) named Jonathan and Alex. La Cieca assumes they’re gay because they write like this:

I like to keep [my opera tickets] in a little pile and re-sort them now and then by date. I’ll even flip through them on occasion and look up the seat locations on that terrific flash w/pdf detail seating chart on the Met website. I have also, now and then, decided I should keep these little treasures on a different shelf or surface… and will pick up the envelope just so I can feel the weight of it for a moment. Ultimately, the sacred package lives on the top level of my crowded Ikea bookcase. And there it will remain. The need to check on this little bundle of joy relates directly to the excitement and independence I associated with my first thrilling purchase of those nosebleed seats to Jessye Norman.

On second thought, no “vague” about it.


2 Responses to “NKOTB”

  1. Indeed, La Cieca, there is nothing vague about me. Regarding the post you excerpted, my mom sent me a sweet email further detailing the events of the Jessye Norman evening in question. I am desperately seeking a creative way to post it. Thank you for the mention!

  2. celticpriestess Says:

    I’m glad La Cieca mentioned your blog, Jonathan! Just took a look at it; you and Alex are off to a great start! I work in public radio. Many of us in my business wonder about the survival of classical music and opera, and whether there is interest among the young. I’m glad to see that there is, and that in this case the love of the art form is so strong! As one of my music professors used to say to me, “Corraggio, anima, forza!”
    Best of luck with the blog, and keep adding to that stack of tickets! 🙂

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