La Cieca is asking

Which regional opera honcho just got booted because he (and the Mrs.) were caught trolling for sex on the internet? Funny, they seem like such ordinary people!


5 Responses to “La Cieca is asking”

  1. Chalkenteros Says:

    Are you implying that trolling the internet looking for sex is ABnormal?

  2. rysanekfreak Says:

    B…. D…… ???

    of the

    C…… O…. T…… ????

    Am I soooo shocked and surprised???!!!

  3. Cleveland Opera Theater?

  4. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Well, Mr. Chumbley IS married. Could he and his wife (Lynn?) really be internet sex trolls?
    I did not know the straights did that…

  5. Dr. Bartolo Says:

    Interesting. Search for Chumbley on the Cleveland Star website and nothing turns up, though a Google search shows an article in the paper. And the reason given in other sources is “financial”!

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