La Cieca scoured Google Images but couldn’t seem to come up with an authentic poster for Leoncavallo’s Zaza (which of course you and everyone you know will be hearing tomorrow night at Alice Tully Hall). As such, she decided she’d have to create her own. Click on the image for a larger version, suitable for printing or making into a tee shirt.


2 Responses to “Zazaland”

  1. Chalkenteros Says:

    Lovely, La Cieca! If I were clever I’d make an iron-on and wear it to Splash next week.

    Sadly, I will not be at Allice Tully Hall this weekend, as I will be back up in chilly New Hampshire with my husband, curling up by the fire and enjoying a bottle of wine.

  2. I thought Millo’s hair was RED. At least, the hair on her head.

    P.S. The one thing that marred the performance was the statement in the program that the opera’s last performance in New York was Gerry Farrar’s farewell in 1922. I am not quite THAT old, but I have seen Zaza, fully staged, by the grand old Bel Canto Opera Company, in about 1979 (give or take five years).

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