Dark Lady

“She is as controversial offstage as she is on, but a total delight. With all her swings of happy and unhappy moods and periods of pressure, there is still a sense of incredible intelligence and instinct behind everything she does…. Her problems are understandable in light of the kind of performer she is, never placid or even-tempered. But she is not temperamental either, in the sense of doing personal damage to anyone — only suffering in herself to perform…. What makes Tatiana special is that odd combination of enormous strength and an almost palpitating, sensual quality. It’s a vibrancy that pleases the musical and emotional possibilities.” — Matthew Epstein on Tatiana Troyanos, whose 1973 performance of Samson et Dalila graces this week’s Unnatural Acts of Opera.


2 Responses to “Dark Lady”

  1. Chalkenteros Says:

    Well done, La Cieca! I am planning on attending a performance of S&D this February, and what a wonderful preview this is! I am that much more excited to hear Domingo and Borodina performing this gorgeous music.

    Aside from some tape-crackle, the sound quality of this recording is not bad.

  2. Cole D. Napata Says:

    I once heard that after an early Amneris, Tatiana shelved the role, waiting until she would be “older and meaner.” That is poignant. Of course, we know she would not live to be very old, and I am sure she was not mean. But her career did not lead toward Amneris in any case. Had she lived, I would have predicted a long and fruitful character twilight à la Rosalind Elias…

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