A Place in the Gunn

Through her elaborate network of spies, moles and informants, La Cieca has managed to obtain a photo from Francesca Zambello‘s production of Tobias Picker‘s new American Tragedy, opening Friday night at the Met. For an advance sneak preview of the opera, click here.


4 Responses to “A Place in the Gunn”

  1. Michael Farris Says:


  2. rysanekfreak Says:

    NBC did a long story this morning about the original murder case… in 1906, I believe. The murderer’s name was Chester Gillette, and the picture they kept showing of him was a good one. Very handsome. And Montgomery Clift was no uggo in “A Place in the Sun,” the movie version of Drieser’s “An American Tragedy.”

    I hope this opera turns out to be a big hit. I would love to see it someday…when and if it hits other cities like San Francisco or Houston or Santa Fe or Dallas.

  3. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Hey, Thomasini thinks Gunn is “hunky.” I would have called him “strapping”

  4. well I wish the opera was as interesting as the picture you published. While I admired the performances, I can’t remember one line of the music. It just sort of droned by for three hours.

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