"All those lousy Traviatas"

Twelve years — a quarter of my life! That’s how long I’ve been La Cieca, or, more accurately, that’s how long parterre box has been a part of my life. The lady over there on the right is the reason this all began: Maria Callas, for whose 70th birthday (December 3, 1993) I though it would be a nice little tribute to publish a one-off pamphlet called parterre box. Fifty print issues, ten years of online presence, and 60 hours of podcasts later, here we are! So, happy birthday to you, Maria, and much love to Enzo Bordello, Dawn Fatale, Hans Lick, Manuela Haltertop, Indiana Loiterer III, Ortrud Maxwell, Bitchy Spice… and all the rest of you wonderful people out there in the dark!


6 Responses to “"All those lousy Traviatas"”

  1. Reine de Theatre Says:

    Happy anniversary, and thanks for all the fabulosity!

  2. Having this “contemporary” podcasts is just great! Gallardo Domas, Nucci, Barcellona, Florez…hope u have more performances u want to share from all the current stars…happy birthday too!

  3. Maury D'annato Says:

    Without getting all sentimental, Parterre was sort of a primer on how to love opera queerly in New York from the beginning for some of us upstarts.
    All best wishes and 12 times 12 more years,
    Maury D’Annato

  4. l'Italiana in Bristol Says:

    Brava La Cieca, complimenti e buon anniversario. You keep us informed and entertained, and deligheted now with your fab podcasts. Lunga vita alla Cieca, e a tutte le dive cule e non del mondo.
    Un mazzo di rose per l’ottimo lavoro.

  5. southern gal Says:

    Brava and here’s to twelve x twelve more!

  6. celticpriestess Says:

    La Cieca, as I learned it in German class as a teenager (just a couple of years ago, of course), “Hoch soll sie leben, hoch soll sie leben, dreimal hoch!”
    For those who don’t know German, it’s their equivalent of “three cheers for her,” and be glad you can’t hear me sing it! ;-)) Congratulations on twelve years of Parterre, and thanks for all you do to promote opera and to make wonderful performances available to us…no “lousy Traviatas,” or lousy anything from you!

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