Unnatural Downloads of Opera


6 Responses to “Unnatural Downloads of Opera”

  1. Boringwhitegirl Says:

    La Cieca,

    You’ve saved a marriage! Only last night, my husband managed to delete my entire carefully hoarded Unnatural Acts archive. He says it’s somewhere on the hard disk, but so is Renaay’s good taste.

  2. This is great. You haven’t saved my marriage but I like listening to things at my own leisure and now you’ve made it possible. And your narration is, well, ineffable and definitely part of the charm. Milton Cross lives.

  3. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    La Cieca you are a true goddess – how can we ever thank you!!!!????

  4. Your love is all the thanks I need. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to click on the Google ads and the Amazon Honor System when you get the chance.

    Thanks for the lovely lovely words.

  5. celticpriestess Says:

    Grazie, grazie, La Cieca! I didn’t get all of that Norma with CaballĂ© from July, so now I can get it all, plus anything else I haven’t had a chance to hear. BTW, I agree with sfmike about your narration. I’ve been in public radio for close to 20 years, and I wish more people in my business had your good humor, good information, and wonderful delivery! Even friends I have sent to this site who are not opera fans have had their minds changed, thanks to you! Bless you for all your generosity, and
    best wishes for a wonderfully demented 2006!

  6. LaMalipasta Says:

    Dear La Cieca

    These are fantabulosa – listening to them all day at work.

    Love The Maria Tudor

    Love the site too.

    Keep up the good work.

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