Scuttlebutt from the Met says that Angela Gheorghiu hankers to sing Strauss’s Salome — though presumably she would workshop the role in a more friendly venue first. In other whisperings, La Cieca has heard that Peter Gelb is currently ensconced in the office once occupied by Beverly Sills. Apparently he’s to remain there until the General Manager’s office can be pried from Joe Volpe’s cold dead hands. (Something tells La Cieca that Uncle Joe’s exit from the Met will be as protracted as that of Nancy Reagan from the White House — as played by Jan Hooks in the classic SNL sketch.)

Here’s a game to brighten up the first chilly days of 2006 for you. Using Brad Wilber’s Met Futures Page and your own insider knowledge, can you suggest to La Cieca which artists’ contracts Gelb most needs to buy out? La Cieca’s nomination: the threatened 2007-2008 performances of Norma by Maria Guleghina.


5 Responses to “Princess”

  1. ChacoWhacko Says:

    I know Gherorghiu is about as lovable as a bout of Avian Flu but I bet she would make a kick-ass Salome on stage! ….I wonder though…if Zefferelli directed would he demand she wear a blond merkin??

  2. Maury D'annato Says:

    y’know, I actually find next season, as projected, rather exciting. But I wouldn’t kick up a fuss if they bought some walking papers for Franco Farina and Cristina Gallardo-Domas, no sirree.

  3. rysanekfreak Says:

    1. Leo Nucci as Macbeth.

    2. Thomas Hampson as Carlo in “Ernani”

  4. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    I think the upcoming seasons at the Met have been programmed well…as far as casting, though, there is far too much to be said and I won’t be the one to say it just yet. I don’t know how accurate those future listings at the Met are. Some personal friends of mine are listed for certain roles and when having spoken to them, they claimed that firstly, no one should have that kind of information so far in advance, and secondly, that some of the roles that they are listed for are roles still in consideration and that final castings have not yet been made.

    I would like to say, although I know very little of the this Gelb character, I think to refer to Mr. Volpe in that manner is extremely disrespectful…”cold dead hands.” Regardless of whether one likes some of his casting decisions or selection of productions and directors, etc…Joe Volpe worked extremely hard to make it up through the ranks to where he is today – he is someone whose family history conincides with that of the Met and if anyone knows every inch of that house and it’s workings, he is the one who knows best. I myself am rather sad to see him go. Several comments about Gelb’s ideas and lack of operatic knowledge really make me wonder what the future of the Met has in store for it.

    *Sigh*…if only opera companies could have people in the GM positions that LOVE and KNOW opera and music and still have a flair for business and negotiating, rather than individuals who only concern themselves with $$$ and don’t give a rat’s ass about the art form. Maybe I’m just too much of an idealist for my own good. *shrugg*

    And a note on Gheorghiu…I wonder if La Cieca has any further insights to the “Love Couple’s” performances of Aida….have those happened yet? Did Verdi’s heavy orchestra and long vocal lines and violent vocal outbursts do them in yet? It’ll only be a matter of time. For some reason I see Gheorghiu in Salome share a similar fate to Maria Ewing in the same role….crash and burn (Although she would loook infinitely more beautiful on stage – and surely her nude body on stage would sell more tickets than a 3 Tenors Concert!!!!!).

  5. Terry Ellsworth Says:

    I have found that it is often the singers who are the first ones to tell you about roles that they will be singing in the future so I cannot imagine them objecting to talking about it.

    I also thought I had heard that the Guleghina Normas were definitely “off.” Let’s hope so. That’s a train wreck that I cannot imagine any of us wanting to witness. Of course, the Eaglen Norma was no walk in the park either.

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