Bass, you is my woman now

Congratulations to the Met’s Joe Volpe, who has successfully postponed lame duck status by wangling $25 million — real money, not pledges, and relatively few strings attached — from socialite Mercedes Bass and her husband Sid R. Bass. Mrs. Bass, who looks simply smashing in the photo accompanying the New York Times piece, made tactful noises about the disgraced Alberto Vilar (“He made pledges across the world, and bad times hit him. I don’t think he did it intentionally”) and demurred prettily when asked if she expected any quid for her pro quo (“The important thing is not so much having one’s name on the Grand Tier, but to help the Met.”)

Before turning their attentions to the Met, the Basses were a celebrated Hollywood power couple. Mr. Bass, who made his fortune designing credit sequences for such films as Vertigo and Anatomy of a Murder, met Mrs. Bass when she was acting in All the King’s Men, a role for which she won the Academy Award.


3 Responses to “Bass, you is my woman now”

  1. My dear La Cieca,
    I hope you’re tongue was planted firmly in cheek, or somewhere else, with your mini-history of the Basses.
    If not, they’re remarkably well-preserved, as Saul Bass, the movie title designer, died in 1996, while the divine Mercedes McCambridge [well known to vocal afficionados for her stunning work in ‘The Exorcist’] left this mortal coil in 2004.

  2. My mistake. Actually Sid is most famous for inventing the “bass finder.” (Or maybe that’s what she is famous for, can’t remember.)

  3. La Cieca,
    You have outdone yourslef with this posting title. It may be your best yet, though it is neck and neck with “Man on Manon Action”, which remains a personal favorite.

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