And one for Mahler!

A double-header of Tony Tommasini delights this weekend in the Times. On Sunday, TT puts on his Captain Obvious hat to ask the musical question, “is it possible that [Nathan] Gunn‘s appearance has drawn attention away from his fine vocal artistry?” You’ll find that story right next to the photograph of Gunn with his shirt off.

The day before, an interview with Elaine Stritch in which the veteran Broadway diva tells about her date with James Levine. (Yes, you read that right.) Jimmy, you see, took La Stritch to hear Barbara Cook at the Carlyle; Tony concludes that “this story gives a poignant glimpse into Mr. Levine’s private life.” Well, yes, actually: in fact, that scenario is just about the gayest thing La Cieca can imagine — with the possible exception of Ricky Martin reading Valley of the Dolls aloud while getting fistfucked.


2 Responses to “And one for Mahler!”

  1. Terry Ellsworth Says:

    Poor Tommasini. Always playing the fool. If he wonders about Mr. Gunn perhaps he should ask his own editors this question … why, in the past several months have you published 3 articles about 3 separate baritones in which your focus was their physiques and looks? Nathan Gunn today; Teddy Tahu Rhodes (the story was accompanied by a photo of him in the tightest t-shirt imaginable); and then Christopher Maltman in which the story was almost entirely about his workout regime and not his singing.

    Perhaps if the Times and the media in general didn’t focus so much on this subject these singers might actually get more attention for their singing.

  2. rysanekfreak Says:

    If “After Dark” still existed, wouldn’t Mr.Tom be writing for it instead of for the Times?

    I’m surprised Jimmy L didn’t take his “date” to a Boys Choir of Harlem concert.

    Somewhere in this world, I’m sure some company is planning a “Thais” revival in which the strapping young barihunk will rip off his monastic robe and sing nekkid for a few minutes. Mr. T will fly there and give the performance front-page coverage… with huge color pictures. Well, we can all dream….

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