The dragon with the flagon

Soprano Mariella Devia — who La Cieca thought was such a sweet ingenue type — turns tigress for the title role of Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti). This live performance from 2003 also features Daniela Barcellona (Maffio Orsini), Marcelo Alvarez (Gennaro) and Michele Pertusi (Don Alfonso, Duca di Ferrara) under the baton of Renato Palumbo. The Prologue of this gothic/bel canto masterpiece is now available on Unnatural Acts of Opera, with the following two acts to come later this week. (La Cieca apologizes for the occasional static audible during this podcast; its origin is the source material and she couldn’t figure out a way to de-click it. Please let La Cieca know if you find the noise intrusive!)


2 Responses to “The dragon with the flagon”

  1. I just discovered la Mariella about a week ago. Absolutely stunning voice and fiercely flawless descending chromatic passages.

    But I am left with cadenzus interruptus when she doesn’t use any portamento whatsovever between her High Q# and the final note of the piece.

    I wonder if this is just something that my modern ear has come to expect that is not stylistaically correct but that Devia, in her all-knowingness would correct from years of misuse…?

  2. I love Devia, I’m Italian and I really appreciate her way of singing. I can’t forget her Traviata here in Rome: great. Or her Tancredi one years ago. Probably she’s the best singer still in activity, isn’t she?
    Ale from Rome

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