Dirt, cheap

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the “Dirty Colin” site was taken down almost immediately. So, until the coveted tape emerges, here’s a little something to help you keep the thought: Colin Farrell on Bruce Willis.

Here’s news that should delight all you Nathan Gunn fans. The long-awaited Colin Farrell sex video has finally been released, or (La Cieca supposes) has escaped. According to the ever-alert scribes at defamer.com, free stills and pay-for video (both, obviously NSFW) may be found at dirtycolin.com. Now, obviously you are asking, La Cieca, whatever has this to do with opera, and La Cieca has to admit that she simply doesn’t doesn’t have a ready answer for you. But who isn’t interested in video of Colin Farrell having sex, even if it is with a girl? And if that explanation isn’t “operatic” enough for you, well, you can shut your eyes and pretend it’s Eileen Farrell having it off with Colin Davis. Or, for that matter, Colin Graham.


12 Responses to “Dirt, cheap”

  1. Chalkenteros Says:

    I have tried and tried, La Cieca, but I think the site has been taken down 😦


  2. il lacerato spirito Says:

    Me too, Cieca…..they beatus to the punch!!!! Sheesh

  3. rysanekfreak Says:

    It has everything to do with opera.

    Am I the only person in the world who watches porn with the sound off while listening to opera CDs and tapes with that sound turned up loud?

    I think not.
    I hope not.

    If you can get the music in synch with the visuals, you have such a treat in store.

    the final duet of “Chenier”
    the “Siegfried” forging scene
    the Santuzza-Turiddu duet —-

    These things make perfect soundtracks for watching porn.

  4. Great clip. Love Colin. Really love Nathan. Was fourth row for American Tragedy – still used the binoculars! Real treat was getting to visit with Susan, Dalora, Patricia (with Beth, of course), David Daniels (with friend?), and Tobias (with his mom) at Fiorello’s after the performance! Alas – no Nathan. I would have had chest pains!

    Thanks for sharing, Rysanekfreak, about opera and porn. Makes since to me, since opera is nearly always my soundtrack for intimacy. The Siegfried forging song is a real turn-on.

    I’m sad about Birgit. Think I’ll listen to the ’66 Bayreuth/Bohm Tristan tonight.

  5. ffoperabitch Says:

    I usually find the last act of Tristan does it for me, rysanekfreak….

  6. Chalkenteros Says:

    “mit starken Schlagen streckt’ ich dich:
    nun schwinde die rote Scham …”

    Rysanekfreak, you are twisted! 🙂

  7. Mr. Wotan Says:


    Ich auf.

  8. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Gentlemen and ladies, please translate for those of us not German illuminated.

  9. ‘With strong strikes I stretched you: Now let the red shame dwindle…’

    Something along those lines, though “schwinde” in this context seems difficult to translate. Perhaps, ‘Now dwindle, red shame…’

  10. Oh dear. Consulting my German dictionary, there seems to be an important second definition of “Scham”: Let’s say, the “shameful parts” or “nether regions.”

  11. So much talent on this site- Opera lovers, porn appreciators and linguists! ;0) Who could be bothered going anywhere else?

  12. celticpriestess Says:

    Indeed! Now, all we need is a multi-lingual pornographic opera
    for the next “Unnatural Acts of Opera” podcast, and EVERYONE will be happy! Gee, the possibilities could be endless… ;-))

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