Volpe, al giungervi di questo foglio…

So, this is what La Cieca read on the website of the Italian newspaper Il Mattino:

Roberto Alagna . . . sta male a causa di crisi ipoglicemiche e non potrà cantare per almeno tre mesi . . . . A dare la notizia lo stesso cantante accompagnato dalla moglie, il soprano Angela Gheorghiu, che ha annullato i suoi appuntamenti in giro per il mondo per i prossimi mesi pur di stargli vicino.

Now, La Cieca is not the world’s strongest Italian reader, but this certainly seems to say that la Gheorghiu “has canceled her international engagements for the coming months in order to be near him.” Which, in turn, makes La Cieca wonder: is La traviata in New York an “international engagement?” (La Cieca will also add that this is the first time she’s ever heard of a singer canceling because of hypoglycemia. Can’t he drink a glass of orange juice or something?)

UPDATE: January 14 . . . A veteran diva close to Gheorghiu says this morning, “Angela will sing the Traviatas.”


16 Responses to “Volpe, al giungervi di questo foglio…”

  1. Well, maybe they’ll give Mary Dunleavy her performances. This would be a Good Thing. Mary is a much underrated singer, and Violetta is one of her best roles.

  2. Chalkenteros Says:

    Damn it! I have tickets for the night of March 3rd … do you think he’ll be more glycemic at that point and that Gheorghiu will be released from his bedside?

    Something is not right …

    Wasn’t there friction about this production of Traviata? Didn’t I read that in the feature on Gheorghiu that the Times published in their Saturday edition a few weeks back? Ipoglicemiche my ass.

  3. il lacerato spirito Says:

    Ipoglicemiche????? I couldn’t find it in the dictionary. Can anyone enlighten me?

  4. Chalkenteros Says:


  5. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    Words of a doctor (my father is a physician) – there is no such malady as ‘hypoglycemia.’ I will refrain from speaking further on the subject – if people are interested to know the conditions of diabetes and how sugar works in the blood stream and what effects it can have on the human body – there are plenty of internet resources to discuss it – I need not blab on about it – I don’t want to, and I imagine no one here wants me to either.

    Can’t they just stop ‘singing’ already – if that’s what you can call it. I really don’t know – people keep saying that they are “SO GOOD” in person…but I’ve really not heard much on recording or broadcast to make me jump up and yell “WOW they are SO amazing!” I think they both had alot of great potential, something went wrong somewhere (most likely a bad selection of repertoire and too much publicity) and I don’t find their vocalisms pleasing to my ear, with the exception of a few notable instances which I have mentioned in previous entries.

    But their singing aside, hasn’t the opera world had enough of their constant back-stage drama and excuses yet!?

  6. Err, back up a moment here, I seem to have missed something… Alagna is terminally ill? With diabetes?

  7. bella figlia dell'amore Says:

    no, he’s not terminally ill. It may be that he has just discovered he has diabetes and is working to get it under control, however (that is just conjecture based upon the wording of the article. I have no firsthand knowledge of this).

    Personally, I’d rather they gave the performances to Hong. Or maybe let Blancke-Biggs have another crack at it. Dunleavy sings flat, when she isn’t singing sharp.

  8. il lacerato spirito Says:

    thanks Chalkenteros,,,,,you have enlightened the ignorant today LOL

  9. il lacerato spirito Says:

    errr, don’t we all know people who are hypoglycemic? And the just seem to go on with their daily lives. Is Roberto sicker than they say, or is this another grab at some free publicity. The Traviata was established for the two of them as I remember, but they wanted complete artistic control. I think that Mr. V. Said “A va fa!!!” Then it was Renee who back out and we ended up with a lackluster performance by Ms. Racette and an overblown production trying to emulate the film. Which it didn’t.

  10. voceditenore Says:

    Alagna had already been hospitalized in France over New Year’s, but checked himself out and went to Turin for the dress rehearsals of a new production of Manon Lescaut, a role debut for him. At the first rehearsal, he collapsed on stage and had to receive medical treatment. The press conference reported in il Mattino was where he explained why he had to cancel the Manon. There was a far longer report of the press conference in the Turin newspaper, La Stampa.

    Based on what appeared on Alagna’s web site (www.robertoalagna.net) on January 11th, his body is producing too much insulin (unlike diabetics who produce too little) and his blood platelet count is low. This is what appears to be causing the hypoglycemic attacks. Incidentally, it is quite possible to die from a severe hypoglycemic attack. The patient, can go into a coma if they are asleep or unconscious and cannot take sugar by mouth and there is no one around to inject glucose. For many diabetics, hypoglycemic comas (caused by having taken too much insulin and/or exercise in relation to the glucose consumed) can be just as life-threatening as diabetic comas, caused by too much sugar in the blood.

    But the hypoglycemia, low platelet count and hyperinsulinism are the effects of an underlying illness (as yet to be diagnosed) not the illness itself. There are several possible causes for a severe over-production of insulin, some of them quite serious, others less so. I sincerely hope it’s the latter.

  11. papagenodz Says:

    Did I miss a step in their relationship — weren’t they supposedly divorcing at one point?

  12. Papagenodz, didn’t you learn anything from Il Trovatore? One minute they’re breaking up, 12 bars later it was all a case of mistaken identity under cover of darkness and things are hunky dory again. Get with the programma.

  13. il lacerato spirito Says:

    Andy hit the nail on the head, I think.

  14. All this chatter is making ME feel hypoglycemic. Catch ya later, I’m gonna go have a doughnut.

  15. The trouble with short men is that you can never quite get enough of them.

  16. bella figlia dell'amore Says:

    mmmm…doughnuts…oops, I mean tenors…oops, I mean doughnuts…

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