Marilyn Horne’s Illness Is Confirmed

This just in from “Marilyn Horne’s manager at Columbia Artists Management Inc., has confirmed that Ms. Horne has been diagnosed with localized pancreatic cancer.” A source at the Marilyn Horne Foundation adds:

“Marilyn Horne has been diagnosed with localized pancreatic cancer, which, allowing for recent significant breakthroughs in treatment, offers an excellent prognosis for a full recovery.

“Marilyn Horne is known throughout the world for not only her magnificent voice, but also for her tremendous energy and human spirit, which will, along with the love of her family and friends, see her through this challenge.”

Ms. Horne, who turned 72 on Monday, is scheduled to participate in “The Song Continues… 2006” next week, including masterclasses on January 24 and 27.


2 Responses to “Marilyn Horne’s Illness Is Confirmed”

  1. celticpriestess Says:

    While it is unfortunate that the rumors have proven to be true, I am very relieved to learn that Ms. Horne’s cancer is localized. I was reading up on pancreatic cancer on the National Cancer Institute site, and they mention that the chance for successful treatment is best if the cancer is localized. If anyone has the courage and good humor to weather such a crisis, it’s certainly “the General!” I certainly continue my prayers and good wishes for her recovery and a long, healthy life ahead!

  2. floridante2k Says:

    Apple’s CEO Steve Job had pancreatic cancer and he survived and doing very well:)

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