The Rysanek reel

Leonie Rysanek in film clips spanning 35 years of her career: Die Aegyptische Helena, Der Fliegende Hollaender, Die Walkuere, Salome, Tosca, Der Rosenkavalier, Die Frau ohne Schatten, Cavalleria Rusticana, Parsifal, Elektra, and Jenufa. More video.


17 Responses to “The Rysanek reel”

  1. O herrlichstes Wunder! More please, Mme la Cieca.

    P.S. what a fine pair of legs James King had.

  2. rysanekfreak Says:

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  3. heldenhobbit Says:

    I am a huge rysanek fan… the only video I have seen of her is that live Elektra from the Met with Nilsson… Are there more videos? Do share!

  4. Wagneriana Says:

    THANK YOU! Although more, specially of Frau, would have been better.

  5. The clips are bits and pieces included in a couple of German-language documentaries about Rysanek. Later on I’ll encode some of the Jones/Rysanek ELEKTRA that is available on DVD.

  6. Maury D'annato Says:

    I’ve always been a little bit on the fence about Rysanek, but this is just glorious. I think I’m off the fence. Interesting to wonder how many of these exist as full documents of which we’re just seeing a short excerpt.

  7. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    it’s a shame that lots of those old clips are not readily available… surely there is a market for it?!

    i went to a talk with anja silja on her career last year and they showed lots of clips from performances, amongst them a queen of the night when she was in her early twenties (or even late teens?!). it was fascinating to see where she went from there!

  8. Karita Mattila sang a Queen of the Night in college!

  9. marschallin Says:

    Cheryl Studer has not only recorded the QotN’s music but has also performed both arias live, in key.

  10. Studer’s QotN drives me nutsy. The high F’s are placed differently than the rest of the staccati, she pushes herself notably out of tune from time to time, and I’m not big on her brand of vibrato. The runs are remarkable, though, and she does actually sound ticked off in the second aria. Also, that’s the studio recording. Live would have been different. How, I don’t know.

  11. The only time I saw La Rysanek was when she stepped onstage at an open air concert in Sydney as a suprise guest about 20 years ago. I can’t remember the aria she sang, perhaps because I was so stunned at the size and quality of the voice- but it was awesomely wonderful.

    In the recording department, I can heartily recommend her Lady Macbeth with Leonard Warren – its a treat!

    Thank you again Mme la Cieca – you make my day every day of the week as do all the other contributors.

    With regard to Rennay, Bartolli, Terfell and others (ok I stop short of Boccelli :)) although I get a great laugh out of the acid drops that sometimes festoon these columns, and while I can only admire the knowledge of the contributors, I can only say two things.

    One- count yourself lucky that you can see these artists in the flesh to bitch about them -wish I could.

    Secondly, I sometimes wonder if a little knowledge really isn’t such a good thing? Perhaps my lesser knowledge allows me the luxury of absolutely loving and admiring a great deal of their work. Sure, Cecilia’s rubber faces can be distracting for some, but frankly she could pull her lips over her head for all I care – if that’s what it takes to produce that sound and technical brilliance – go for it gal and I’ll go on just quietly hoping that one day soon, some ol Pepe le Pew hairdresser will finally do something with that HAIR!!!

    Luv ya’s all!

  12. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    i wonder how cecilia slips into every blog section. has she become a bloggervirus … once the word is spread it ‘infects’ every entry? 😉

    as to queen of the night (straying once more from the divine leonie). on records none is better than edda moser, as she sounds manic and its a voice that has a certain depth to it! at least in my humble view!!!

  13. marschallin Says:

    So, daniel, with QotN do you like best, Cheryl or Querida’s? Please provide evidence or something else that convinces.

  14. marschallin Says:

    I meant: So, daniel, WHICH QotN do you like best, Cheryl or Querida’s? Please provide evidence or something else that convinces.

  15. Hehe ok – if this is a test to my credentials 🙂 you’ll have to excuse me admitting to a long abiding adoration for the late great Lucia Popp as my favourite Q of the Night.

    I haven’t heard the other ladies “do it” but please feel free to enlighten me. ;0)

  16. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Personally, I’ve always great admiration for Gruberova’s QotN. Though, the funnest to listen to is Deutekom, just because there is some serious technical fiddling going on in the runs. She sounds halfway between an oboe and singing under water. I wish I had seen her live so that I knew what she did physically (aside from the constant and obvious glotal stop) to create that sound.
    I’ve also seen Natalie Dessay’s QotN several time, and althouhg it does not have the size some may wish, her technical accuracy and vibrant acting convinced me 100%.

  17. How about RYSANEK as the Queen of the Night?!?!?

    Now that would have been AMAZING!!!

    Frankly, I wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t have the high F’s… she would have given every ounce of her voice to try to get them out!

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