Video Vixens II: Public Submission

La Cieca is just so excited about the new youtube capability that she wants you, cher public, to get in on the act. Do you have a favorite operatic video clip you would like to share with the world (well, with the readers of, which amounts to everyone in the world that matters)? Just email La Cieca and she’ll arrange to get the clip posted right here on the parterre homepage. What’s in it for you? Well, other than the glory (and glory is nothing to be sniffed at!), the source of every video La Cieca uses will be sent a La Cieca’s Greatest Hits CD; best video of the month gets an historical opera DVD!

So, what kind of video are we talking about? Something rare and not commerically available that you VCRed or Tivoed, or a snippet you sneaked on camcorder or cell phone, such as:


3 Responses to “Video Vixens II: Public Submission”

  1. Those of you interested in publishing a video for use on the site — here are the instructions:

    1) Go to

    2) Login parterrebox
    Password parterrebox

    3) In the top menu bar, click on “Upload”

    4) Enter a title, description and tags. (You can use the same text for all three of these fields, e.g., “opera curtain call” Then check “music” from the “Video Channels list. Click “continue.”

    5) Click the “browse” button and find the video on your hard drive.

    6) Click on “upload video.”

    That’s it! To help me along, you might then want to drop an email to informing me you have uploaded a video so I can take a look at it and insert it on the homepage.

    Any questions?

  2. il lacerato spirito Says:

    Doesn’t Renee look like the wicked witch of the west in that black outfit complete with black stole and long black train?

  3. Yes its the blackest shade of red I’ve ever seen!!! I think the poor Gal could wear Yellow and it would still be black in here!

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