Soupcon du jour

La Cieca’s faithful spy L’incredibile reports from the Met’s Samson prova that Clifton Forbis is “the most committed artist in this role since Jon Vickers,” up to and including singing the Act 1 B-flat full out over the chorus. (“Quite a contrast to Jose Cura‘s attitude.”) It doesn’t hurt, L’inc adds, that Forbis boasts “Popeye forearms” and “acts the role as Peter Grimes-crazy from the get-go.” The juxtaposition of Marina Domashenko‘s “too far back” vocalism with Jean-Philippe Lafont‘s “too far forward” voice results in our informant’s “overwhelming desire to turn up the volume knob on the mezzo.” Maestro Emmanuel Villaume, L’incredibile sighs, is “a flailer.” Samson et Dalila opens this Friday, and it certainly sounds worth the trip to the Met.


4 Responses to “Soupcon du jour”

  1. Enda Vanyra Says:

    A flailer?!!!! He flames in the pit as he draws attention to himself

  2. papagenodz Says:

    Forbis sure stood out in Lulu. Great, oily, thick voice. Love him.

  3. Forbis sang a viscerally thrilling Siegmund in Toronto 2 years ago. The voice is very large and he’s a committed actor.

  4. Yeah, Forbis was Great in Samson, and Domashenko…wow. Absofuckin’lutly incredable.

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