Starry night

Alas, La Cieca can’t comment regarding onstage goings on at last night’s Traviata at the Met (her evil twin JJ is writing about the event for Gay City News), but things were pretty gala in the auditorium as well. Representing the Blogosphere was one of the Wellsungs, Jonathan Ferrantelli, a deux with the always charming Greg Freed. Down on orchestra level, La Cieca noted Anna Netrebko deep in conversation with scribe Matthew Gurewitsch. (La Netrebko, it is rumored, will be singing her own Violetta in New York a few seasons hence, though not, perhaps, in the Franco Zeffirelli staging she saw last night. On dit that Peter Gelb plans to import the Willy Decker production from Salzburg.) Aprile Millo, swathed in mink, held court at the base of the pole that bears her name. Noted in her orbit were ten-percenter Neil Funkhouser, NYCO tenor Andrew Drost and Premiere Opera‘s Ed Rosen. And everywhere La Cieca looked, boys, boys, boys, on a cuteness level to rival that of a David Daniels audience. Were they there for Angela Gheorghiu in the title role, or, could scrummy tenor Jonas Kaufmann (left) have something to do with it?


8 Responses to “Starry night”

  1. Alex Ross Says:

    um, Jonas’s hair needs to be addressed.

  2. Maury D'annato Says:

    Not to toot my own blog, but I addressed it. Um, after mistaking it for a wig.

  3. Alex: seriously. I mean….somewhere, Michael Bolton is running around bald.

  4. papagenodz Says:

    Grammies for Quasthoff, Bolcolm, Argerich, Falstaff, lifetime achievement for Jessye Norman (who looked great), and remembrances for Birgit and Victoria de los Angeles. Nice to see brief glimpses of classical music on the program.

  5. rysanekfreak Says:

    “Strapping” is for baritones.

    Apparently “scrummy” is for tenors.

    What’s the adjective for basses like Pape?
    And talking about bad hair, the Bocelli guy was on The Today Show from Torino with Katie Couric and her hair (cleaned of yesterday’s pigeon attack) was okay, but his was DREADful. It looked like Fabio’s grandmother’s hair.

  6. Are you sure it wasn’t Cecilia Bartolli?

  7. bella figlia dell'amore Says:

    ok. Saw this today.

    Jonas Kaufmann is all that and a bag of chips. Gorgeous, passionate actor, and oh yeah, sings like a fuckin’ god, even when I close my eyes to see if he still sounds that good.

    Just sayin’.


    Better to think that Bocelli has nice hair than to think that he is an opera singer. There are people who actually think he is in line for Domingo’s seat. Ugh!

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