When Ladies (of the Camellias) Meet

The performance of Angela Gheorghiu as Violetta has attracted the attention of another Violetta of the present (Anna Netrebko), who will likely be a future interpreter of the role here in New York. And at least one Violetta of a past generation is expected to pay a courtesy call: Virginia Zeani has accepted an invitation to one of Gheorghiu’s performances later this month. La Cieca has succumbed to Gheorghiu fever as well, posting clips of her Marguerite on YouTube.


5 Responses to “When Ladies (of the Camellias) Meet”

  1. There seems to be something about Romanian Violetta’s. Let’s not forget Ileana Cotrubas.

    Thanks for the Faust clips. I went to the first night of the production and it was a sensation. Particularly Terfel in drag in the walpurgnis night scene and Simon Keenlyside being disintered by the spectral Wilis and joining the macabre Giselle parody.

    The production should have been issued as a commercial DVD but someone was too greedy about the fees!!! Thank heavens it is widely available anyway.

  2. Just Another Tenor Says:

    where was this production?

  3. Covent Garden

  4. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    that someone who was too greedy about the fee was apparently roberto … even though there was a mutual agreement on the dvd release before, there seems to have been a major fallout between him and antonio pappano about it! oh well money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around!

  5. papagenodz Says:

    ps: love the la cieca vs. bankhead moments … especially the return of tallulah on act two … thank god for licia albanese.

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