On the other hand, Google

So now Google offers a video sharing service too — a little more trouble to upload, but the playback seems to be somewhat smoother than YouTube. This is a Google video; let La Cieca know what you think.


16 Responses to “On the other hand, Google”

  1. FANTASTIC! Tatiana Troyanos, right? That gave me goosebumps. I think I enjoy the Google video application better than the YouTube…even though I have a super fast connection, the YouTube takes FOREVER to load…but the Google was ready in an instant.

  2. The Google video works much better than the You tube, with my connection.Havent yet been able to view the other videos.

  3. Boringwhitegirl Says:

    Me three! Weird things keep happening with the YouTube — I can’t work up the energy to load the Faust, even though I’m dying to see it. This popped right up.

  4. ChacoWhacko Says:

    I have a fast connection but an old laptop that is begging to go home to Jesus and I can say that Google loads MUCH faster and doesn’t crash like You tube.

  5. Yup, the Google video is much faster to load up.

    boringwhitegirl: The Kraus Fuast video is worth the wait. Just hit “pause” until the video has finished loading up (the grey bar). That way you won’t have the stop-start effect.

  6. I agree, Google was much smoother.
    I think it is Troyanos too.

  7. Wow! Troyanos AND Strauss! I think I need a cigarette after that clip…

  8. Google is the best. YouTube doesn’t always work. I have broadband but you need the juice on both ends and YouTube doesn’t seem to have it. I get half way thru a video and it kraps out so Google is the one for me.


  9. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    At the danger of being redundant – I found YouTube to also be rather difficult and constantly freezes my computer. However, I got so far as to detect several other operatic clips posted there completely unrelated to parterr – and I was about to watch one of them when it froze again and I just had to say forget it!

    This clip posted here was astounding!


    Sublime Tatiana Troyanos! Thank you for this treat! She was wonderfull. i saw her in “Norma” with Sills. She stole the show!

  11. Speaking of Troyanos, does anyone know who sings opposite her in the Podcast of Samson et Dalila that was posted here a while back?

  12. Wait….Sills in Norma? Are you serious, Callasorphan? Who did she sing, Clothilde?


    Yes. baritenor Sills did Norma often during tha 1970s. I heard her in (I think) 1976 or 1977 in San Diego. She was (to me) a rather weak Norma (see my name) Beleive me, I adore dear Beverly but NOT as Norma!

  14. sills also sang Norma in boston with Sarah Caldwell., she also recorded it for ABC with Verrett and Enrico Di Guiseppe. she was not my ideal norma either.i believe the samson was guy chauvet, only saw him once at the met as Radames, opposite Cruz Romo and Mignon Dunn. don’t really remember if he was very good or not in AIDA

  15. la divina due Says:

    I love the shit out of Tatiana Troyanos. Wow. I think that woman could do it all, as far as mezzos go. Just wow.


    I totally agree with you La Divina regarding dear Tatiana. Her big dispairing scene as Didon in Les Troyens (on the Met video) ALWAYS brings me to my knees. It is stupendous!!! When Didon realizes that HE’S REALLY GONE divine Tatiana pulls ALL of the “stops” out and sings the hell out of it!

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