Ghay for Gheorghiu

According to Gay City News, our editor JJ loved Angela Gheorghiu‘s Violetta, and he was more than a little enthused about Herr Jonas Kaufmann.

Le public have spoken, and they want their video to stream quickly and reliably. So save this bookmark and visit frequently: it’s the parterre box page at Google Video. Here’s a sample of the new content:


5 Responses to “Ghay for Gheorghiu”

  1. Thanks. What is the source of the Horne and Cabelle Rossini items?

  2. a televised program called Rossini at Versailles. done in the mid eighties. also included, Ramey and Ariaza

  3. Orlatromba Says:

    And Montserrat Caballe!

  4. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Where’s everyone? It’s been very quiet at La Cieca’s salon the last week. ITDG will be in NY next week and he was concerned about missing all the chatting, but perhaps he needs not worry. Oh well, Juliette and Leonora will keep him company.

  5. Boringwhitegirl Says:

    Yes, I was beginning to worry, too. I was quite relieved to see the Domingo item. Poor La Cieca –probably just sneaking off for a fabulous weekend in the sun somewhere. I guess we’re far too demanding a public. But I really miss my morning Parterre fix.

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