Sì, oltre ogni Urmana idea!

Mezzo-turned-soprano Violeta Urmana will sing her first Norma later this month. She will take on the Bellini heroine in concert form at Dresden’s Semper Oper beginning March 30, according to an article on Playbillarts.com.

The good news from Boston is that James Levine “didn’t break anything” when he fell off the stage after a performance on Wednesday night, per the AP.

So, which Wagner opera do you belong in? (La Cieca belongs in the Ring, and, believe her, that’s just how long this week has felt!)


23 Responses to “Sì, oltre ogni Urmana idea!”


    Just when you think it can’t go on any longer there is Gotterdammerung ! and it starts all over again!

  2. Opera Enthusiast Says:

    Why is James Levine scheduled to conduct Beethoven’s Ninth with the BSO at Carnegie Hall on the very night the MET, which he is Musical Director of, is giving the MET premiere of Mazeppa?? And Mr. Volpe won’t let a singer at the MET sing at the Tucker Awards? Please!

  3. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    Callasoprhan – you make it sound like an awful experience!! I guess, it could be with a bad production and more importantly, with bad singers or a bad horn player! I wait in glorious anticipation for Gotterdammerun – I think it’s the best of all 4 operas…and honestly, I could only wish that it went on for another 18 hours….especially the orchestral music and the Immolation Scene. Speaking of which – why is it that there are no available recordings of Eva Marton as Brunnhilde in that opera??? Her recording of the Immolation Scene is in my top 4 – hers, Helen Traubel’s recording with Toscanini, Jessye Norman’s, and a particular live performance with the New York Philharmonic under the baton of Bruno Walter rendered by Flagstad – and yes, they go in that order.

    As for Urmana – I just LOVE the woman. She sang the piss out of Eboli at the Met last year – very few singers manage to move me to tears – and this woman brought them to my eyes in her “O don fatale.” Has anyone heard how her Lady Macbeth went in London (I think that’s where she did it)? I would love to get my hands on a recording of her in that role. Fierce. Just fierce!

  4. Maury D'annato Says:

    Interesting top 4: what’s Leider–chopped wurst?

  5. Urmana’s London Lady M was very well received, though some complained of lack of vocal beauty, which is exactly what verdi did not want in the role.

    Her Leonora in the borrowed La Scala Forza was the only good thing in that miserable prodcution, a couple of seasons back. A real Spinto soprano.


    NO NO NO il tenore di coloratura superba, I LOVE Gotter. I was just doing my Anna Russell routine and her synopsis of the Ring. Believe me I too love the Immolation Scene. I own Marton’s Emi recording of the Ring and I DO love it

  7. papagenodz Says:

    And don’t miss Urmana’s Nile Scene AIDA in the Vienna Statsoper gala … followed by Baltsa’s Act IV Amneris … some great moments.

  8. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    callasorphan – I too am a huge fan of Anna Russell – and her recount of Der Ring is one of the most brilliant things in this world!

  9. Mirabai Says:

    Ah, but Which Trouser Role Are You?


    il tenore di coloratura superba, early in my operatic love affair, I first learned about the Ring through La Russell–they played her recordings in the college music school that I attended. Her wry words of wisdom regarding the art of singing have remained with me ALL of my musical life

  11. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    ITDCS, I would swear I saw a Ring with Marton at the 72nd St Tower Records a couple of days ago. I think Morris was the Wotan.

  12. puccinilover1 Says:

    I personally belong in tristan und isolde although I’m not a huge wagner fan


    PUCCINILOVER1 it took me until mid-life to fall in love with Richard. I still have my partiocular likes and dislikes–I abhor Die Miestersinger (sp?–I feel it really needs a fercious cabaletta for the soprano!I LOVE Die Walkure and Loengrin (sp?) Otrud is my kind of women with me feeling that Elsa is the dumbest lady in ALL of opera!
    Hang in there Wagner will one day bite you in the ___!

  14. Hans Lick Says:

    One thing Meistersinger doesn’t need is MORE music — what it needs is heavy cutting. The most boring Wagner opera since … Rienzi.


    Hans lick, You mean by half?? My solution is that I just don’t go to see it nor do I listen to it! O.k. you Wagner people you can whip me with your Lederhosen (sounds kinky–yes?)

  16. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    urmana was fantastic in macbeth – apart from the little quibble that she didnt quite make the final note in the sleepwalking scene (she just about got there and then slid down instantly as the lost the note…), but then she was announced slightly indisposed due to a cold. darn, many would be happy if they sang like that without a cold!!! i remember seeing her in her mezzo days as eboli and kundry and then a bit later as the forza leonora. and she was indeed about the only thing that made that blasted scala imported titanic of a production watchable!

  17. Baritenor Says:

    I saw Urmana as Tosca in LA opposite Ramey and Licitra under Nagano. She… was…FANTASTIC! Oh, Christ, was she good. Visa Dell’Arte had me crying, something I rarely do at an Opera. (And for those of you who care: Ramey was in great form, wobble nearly compleatly unnoticable, Lictra had some trouble in Act 1, cleared up by act 2, Nagano, as usual, was fucking incredable.)

  18. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    I would love to hear her in all those roles!!! I’ve only seen her as Eboli – and it was brilliant – brought me to tears!! Not to mention that she obliterated everyone in the storm trio!!

    Sorry to those of you who don’t like Wagner…but you’re really missing out. Maybe I love him so much because there is such an importance on the orchestra – and as I have been an orchestral musician longer than I have been a singer, I can appreciate it a bit more. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a pain in the ass to play!! The stuff really does go on forever – but it’s so heavenly and magnificent, you just have to love it.

    I’m not as familiar with Meistersinger – although I do expect to be taking the role of David under by belt within the next 5-8 years – no rushing into it…but it is one Wagner role I could do, and do extremely well – plus I think it’s a brilliant scene!

    And I disagree – Rienzi is a masterpiece – it should be done more often.

    What I find sad is that no one ever performs his first two operas – which are very much more along the lines of Bellini meets Weber with a heavy dose of Beethoven – Die Feen and Das Liebesverbot – both have some truly stunning music!!


    Ah those forgotten operas by famous composers!! I love the Orfeo recording of “Die Fein” by Wagner with Linda Esther Gray–She sang the hell out of her role. Then, i think, stopped singing!


    Hey, I shed tears while listening to opera–if the singer moves me–I’m old and I’ll cry if I want to! (actually, i shed many tears at opera perforances in my youth)

  21. Baritenor Says:

    I’ve only cried four times in three years at the opera. The first was durring my first BOHEME: Mi chiamo Mimi, sung by Mrs. Alagna (Robert was the tenor, natch) I suddenly realised how it was all going to end as she sang that immortal phrase that begins the aria, and the tears just started a-flowing. #2 was durring the aformentioned TOSCA, #3 was Pat Racette’s “Un Bel Di” last month(Holy crap was she good. She even made Robert Wilson look good). #4: Anna N. as Gilda at the Met. Both “Tutte la festa” and the Death scene had me bawling.

  22. Baritenor Says:

    I’m not sure a tiara is what I’m after, dear. You see, I’m the world’s only straight opera queen.

  23. Baritenor Says:

    Hey, it’s cool. Belive me, I’ve heard ’em all. I got a lot of jokes made about my sexuality in high school: when you’re a drama geek with a known opera fetish and who doesn’t play any sports, you’re going to get called gay.

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