Read it; weep

Our editor JJ‘s article introducing La traviata is now available on the New York City Opera’s website. La Cieca is so cheered by this good news that she can, for the moment, refrain from ranting at length about the de-retirement of the egregious Dr. Miller, whose production of L’elisir d’amore will rear its ugly head at the State Theater in the spring of 2007. (Medical doctor, performer, art historian, stage director, dramaturg, junk sculptor, and now congenital liar — is there anything that polymath can’t do?) There, aren’t you glad she didn’t go on at length?


12 Responses to “Read it; weep”

  1. Just Another Tenor Says:

    He had claimed to retire from opera, although he never really did. He has been taking his Cosi everywhere in the world – from BAM a few years ago to Seattle currently!
    Not to mention a few productions in London…

  2. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    A comment in regard to an issue raised before by Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba: Ian Bostridge is planning to sing three mezzo arias from Handel’s “Ariodante” as part of his Carnegie Hall concert on March 19.

  3. celticpriestess Says:

    Well, things aren’t all bad. After a rough day, I was delighted to see JJ’s fine Traviata article!
    Congratulations, and I hope we can look forward to more such articles!

  4. I never knew “introducting” was a word.

  5. Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba Says:

    Thanks for the tip ITDG!!! That excites me! I’ll have to find out which arias he is singing and if he’s changed the keys at all.

  6. The egregious doctor’s productions of Mikado and Rigoletto are both in repertoire at ENO at the moment. They both have had their final positive last revivals for many seasons running.
    His tedious doll’s house Pasquale is back at the Royal Opera in July.

    (And this from a man who despises the opera going public.)

    Will it be worth seeing for Eric Cutler’s local debut?

  7. OperaGuyNY Says:

    I concur! Excellent article JJ! I really enjoyed!

  8. Baritenor Says:

    I’m actually a big fan of Mr. Miller’s Mikado and his Rigoletto, though not much.

  9. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    i have to admit (even though i might be crucified for it) that i do like miller’s mikado. but then i have a very eclectic taste in opera productions … amongs my favs are wernicke’s tristan at covent garden and wilson’s aida (originally from brussels but seen at covent garden as well) – both which were panned by the critics. my pet hate productions is zeffirelli’s covent garden tosca, which luckily was finally killed off last season. zeffirelli is just clutter in my opinion, it really bores me to bits (ok second time i will get crucified now i reckon!)…

    ps. what made me cry most in opera was a production of jenufa with mattila and anja silja (seen at covent garden … production originated in hamburg though; darn i cant remember whom it was by) – though i reckon it had as much to do with the production as with the dramatic abilities of those two singing actresses!

  10. La Cieca Says:

    The Jenufa is an Olivier Tambosi production; it’s the same one the Met presented a couple of seasons ago, and will revive next year with Mattila and Silja. (This is obviously one of the must-sees of the 2006-07 Met season.)

  11. Talk about cluttered productions. Isn’t this the one where Jenufa sings in Act 2 about how oppressed she feels. Wouldn’t you be with a huge great boulder sitting in the middle of the stage? God help me from Germanic symbolism in opera

  12. Baritenor Says:

    When is the Met JENUFA playing? Because, no matter what my obligations, I am THERE!

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