Meine lippen, sie kuessen so heiss

Leonie Rysanek sings the final scene from Salome in a performance of the Vienna State Opera on tour in Japan (October 2, 1980). Hans Bierer is Herodes and the conductor is Heinrich Hollreiser.

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8 Responses to “Meine lippen, sie kuessen so heiss”

  1. paddypig Says:

    this is one hot video. Rysanek at her best. Always been one of my favorites. definitely my favorite Salome on video.

  2. rysanekfreak Says:


    It’s time for me to worship again!

  3. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Wow. I wonder what some of the extraneous noises were and then realized that it was Richard having multiple orgasms in his grave.

    I was very fortunate to have seen Rysanek live several times, including twice as Salome. Ah yes, there singers and then there are legends.

  4. papagenodz Says:

    what do we think of the wilde concept salome as described in opera news? actually sounds interesting … directed by brigitte fassbaender.

    very curious for debbie in chicago next season …

  5. Baritenor Says:

    As much as I love Brigitte, I’m not sure if her Wilde Salome idea is something I’d enjoy. If it was well done, then yeah, but just from reading the description, I don’t see how this could serve the work.

  6. rysanekfreak Says:

    I read the “Opera News” review last night. I would love to have seen it (without reading in advance what was going to happen). If we must tinker with the stage directions, I guess I can accept this version.

    (Any chance of a DVD of it?)

    In one of those ironies of irony, I just got a DVD of the Nazimova movie of “Salome.” If you’ve never seen it, you must. The costumes! The wigs! The arch artistic posing. And the knowledge that Nazimova insisted that everyone in the cast and crew had to be gay in order to be hired for the job! It’s a great DVD if you like 1920s hothouse decadence!

  7. La Cieca Says:

    There’s a story that Nazimova held a press conference about the “Salome” film.

    An impudent reporter asked, “Tell us, Madame Nazimova, why isn’t Rudolph Valentino in your all-homosexual production of Salome?”

    Nazimova snapped, “Scheduling conflicts!”

  8. opera80221 Says:

    I’m sure y’all will ignore me like some old queen in a bathhouse with 2 small bathtowels covering ample whatever…but here goes…I’m in Denver..and
    THE most amazing Salome I heard was Ljuba Kazarzanovskaya (GAWD, I hope I got that right) back in, oh I don’t remember…but..

    Thank GAWD Denver finally amped up and got a REAL Opera house..well, it ain’t the Met, but whatchoo expect….

    Luba sang opposite of where I sat….in the last scene..didn’t hear a damn thing she sang…because it was Opera in the that barn..Boettcher Concert Hall….Good for Symphony, but NOT Opera…

    As far as Rysanek….to quote divine Birgit….talking about Wieland Wagner….”I bow down on my NOSE to her(sic)…

    Sometimes even Callas woulda been jealous of the divine Leonie

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