Anders als die Anderen

It does La Cieca’s withered old heart good to know that, yes, indeed, the filth just keeps on coming. Here’s a selection from a CD by Peter Anders Jr., who inherited his name (and that’s about it) from his famous father.


28 Responses to “Anders als die Anderen”

  1. Maury D'annato Says:

    What’s German for Michael Bolton?

  2. Baritenor Says:

    Okay, call me an idiot, but who’s his father?

  3. la divina due Says:

    All I can say is bless his heart.

  4. JATM2063 Says:

    Who is his father?

  5. il stupendo Says:

    anders jr is giovanni roberti’s ( newest rival since il divo and ole hansen (!

  6. JATM2063 Says:


  7. JATM2063 Says:

    That is truly one of the worst things I have ever heard. It ranks as even worse than the guy on the Florence Foster Jenkins CD. It’s almost as bad as tenors trying to scream a high F.

  8. La Cieca Says:

    His father was Peter Anders.

  9. hab mir's gelobt Says:

    how come one needs to ask who is father is … having jr. (=junior) added to his name makes it clear that is father had exactly the same name. or maybe that is just too obvious?

  10. il stupendo Says:

    hab mir’s gelobt: they were actually asking about the musicality of Peter Anders Senior.

  11. JATM2063 Says:

    Thank you for posting the short clip of Peter Anders Sr. It does seem talent (and common sense) skipped a generation in this family. I wonder if he lived to hear his son (Jr), and what he thought of it…..

  12. JATM2063 Says:

    I just listened to it again. It’s funny, the high note at the end (B natural?) works quite well. The rest, however…..

  13. Baritenor Says:

    Uh….Wow! That is Flithy!

  14. marschallin Says:

    OMG he sounds like the male version of Renee Fleming, doesn’t he? Vulgar, clueless, cheap, nasty and ugly. Don’t forget that it was America’s Sweetwhore (sweeheart to some) who, after all, went down (so to speak) on record with Michael Bolton….and Andrea Bocelli as well. For the record.

  15. Is it me or does it sound as though he is singing along to “Opera Karaoke”?!

    It sounds as though the track were pre-recorded and then he put his vocals on top of it!!! If it’s him singing with an orchestra, the levels are all off. LOL

    No matter, it still gives me lots of filthy joy!

  16. celticpriestess Says:

    My, my, how filthy can you get? Actually, I can tell you. After 53 seconds, my computer simply would not play any more of this guy! As Anna Russell would say, “I’m really not making this up, you know!” If any of you have heard recordings of Enrico Caruso, Jr., who had TWO opera singers for parents…well, it shows that talent is not always passed along to one’s offspring! As my mother would have said, “Well, I’m sure he has a beautiful soul.” ;-))

  17. celticpriestess Says:

    I did some web surfing. and found out more. Peter Anders, Jr. has a website for the “Peter Anders
    Institut für Gesang” at
    (The site is in German, BTW.) Yes, heaven help us all, he’s a voice teacher! He has three CDs that are available through the website. Also, to answer DJB’s question, the CD from which the sample comes credits the Hungarian State Orchestra conducted by Herb E. Norman. However, I agree that the orchestra’s part was probably
    pre-recorded, and then Anders Jr. sang over it in a different room or studio. Who knows, he may be heard next on Karaoke Night in your city or mine…watch out!

  18. Baritenor Says:

    There was a Italian Comprimario Tenor named Manrico Caruso who can be seen playing Trabucco on the Tebaldi video of La Forza. Does anyone know if he was any realtion to Enrico?

  19. Baritenor Says:

    Oh… and can you think of any offspring of great singers who became great singers? I can’t.

  20. il stupendo Says:

    Manuel Garcia and his daughters Maria Malibran and Pauline Viardot-Garcia.

  21. There are several cases of children of great singers who became great singers. Malibran and Viardot were the daughters of Manuel Garcia, Rossini’s first Almaviva. The father of Erminia Frezzolini (Verdi’s first Giovanna d’Arco among several other roles she premiered) was the baritone Giuseppe Frezzolini, the first Dulcamara in L’Elisir d’amore. In this century, Brigitte Fassbaender’s father was the very well-respected (Ok, perhaps not great) baritone Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender (I seem to recall that he sings in a pre-war Glyndebourne recording of Nozze di Figaro).

  22. papagenodz Says:

    We also have Montserrat Marti and Placido Domingo, Jr 🙂

  23. Baritenor Says:

    Does Placido Jr have any kind of career other than singing treble roles on some his father’s old recordings? (He’s featured as the Shepard Boy in the film of Tosca with Milnes and I think it was Kabaivanska)

    Oh, and Can anyone give me a link to a picture of Piero de Palma? I’ve scoured the net and can’t find one, and I want to put a face to the voice.

  24. paddypig Says:

    Gino Quilico is Louis Quilico’s son, two fine baritones with entirely respectable careers. If you have librettos from some 60s RCA recordings, you will find a picture of Piero de Palma, I believe he is the goro on the Leontyne Price Butterfly, many other small roles during those years at RCA. The LP booklets often have his picture in them

  25. papagenodz Says:

    Domingo, Jr, appears on the Domingo/Migenes Man of La Mancha as one of the muleteers who sing LITTLE BIRD.

  26. I heard Rolf Bjoerling as Rodolfo in Stockholm about 1975. A most weird experience as the voice was reminiscent of father Jussi, but as a pale shadow. I think he made some recordings but I have never heard them.

  27. Annina Dondevieni Says:

    O mio dolor

    Annina Dondevieni

  28. julienned Says:


    Sounds like someone’s giving him a prostate exam with a filing cabinet…..

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