Gonna build a mountain…

More photos are in from the Francesca Zambello Rheingold at the WNO. Pictured below: Fasolt and Fafner.


2 Responses to “Gonna build a mountain…”

  1. Baritenor Says:

    Oh, Come On, It wasn’t THAT bad.

    Actually, I rather liked it when I saw it opening Night (I have a friend who is singing a leading role in the production…I won’t say who). Sure the concept could have used some work and the Giants were a BIT laughable, but on the whole the evening was a good one, There was excellent work from the pit, and Gordon Hawkins was really just excellent. Frighteningly good. I can’t wait to see him in PORGY next year in LA.

  2. I’m seeing this on April Fifth, and very, very afraid. It’s a shame that we’ve let pretentious critics badger the opera world into reimagining operas that were never meant to be so malleable. On the upside, Phillip Glass is doing a tribute to Allen Ginsburg, which may create a singularity of musical pretense so dense that all the critics get lost for good.

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