Lenz crafters

Next up in the spring podcast season, Act 1 of Die Walkuere starring Eileen Farrell, James King and Michael Langdon. Leonard Bernstein leads this sizzling 1968 performance. Unnatural Acts of Opera.


20 Responses to “Lenz crafters”


    Hey darlings I’m BACK! I just can’t stay away. I’ve been reading your discussions some of which were pretty hot and heavy with a smidgen of acrimony!!– It does my old heart good reminding me of how I use to be when young!

    You see, I’ve been told very recently that the love and passion for opera is DEAD and you have proven the “Nay Sayers” so very WRONG. Keep up the good work! I love you all.

  2. Baritenor Says:

    Huzzah! Huzzah! Two returns within a Month, what more could a poster here ask for!

    Oh, and I’m listening to the Walkure right now, and Reafirming my love for James King.

  3. julienned Says:

    Amazing! A great way to start a Friday.
    Thank you, La Cieca.

  4. paddypig Says:

    just got the LIZA WITH A Z dvd. it is great fun. I have always loved LIZA, first saw her in THE ACT when I was a teen. I always wish she would try to put together a cabaret act like Stritch or Cook. An intimate setting would be wonderful for her


    Just wait! She’s fast approaching the age for that paddypig. If I had a voice, I’d do the cabaret thing; however, no one would come and hear me–never had a listenable voice. Liza and I are the same age–scary, ain’t it?

  6. Baritenor Says:

    Is it just me, or has Liza become a caracature of herself? (a statement that will probably get me killed.)


    Yes, you are probably right. It’s a sad phenomena that sometimes happens as we age particularly to those that are famous. Let’s face it, we the public don’t want our idols to change or, at least, we won’t allow them to change. You may live yet another day, baritenor!

  8. julienned Says:

    In the end, don’t most performers go that way?


    I find that I’m guilty of wanting my idols to stay the same. (I’ve accepted change with age in my loved ones) Some years ago I watched the MetT.V. presentation of Fedora with Freni and Domingo. I dealt with Domingo’s jowls but I went crying out of the room over Freni’s frumpy/older appearance. I was so shaken that I to this day cannot recall how they sounded!

  10. Leontyneluvr Says:

    Would love to see the powers that be mount a revival of “Mame” for Liza- Jerry Herman wrote it for Judy anyway- would love to see Liza take a crack at it- I can just see and hear the pandemonium of her entrance in “It’s Today”- Broadway could certainly use a star turn like that!


    She’d be fabulous as Mame!! Let them do it while she can still move not waiting until she is mummified like Lucy in the movie–filmed through Porcelain!

  12. Leontyneluvr Says:

    She would have to follow it up with Mama Rose in “GYPSY”- I so hoped she would replace Tyne Daly in the early 90’s revival- can you imagine that Rose’s Turn?!?

  13. Oooooooo….I can’t wait!

  14. Just Another Tenor Says:

    Damien, your little Pic Icon is fabulous – please post EVERY day.

  15. Leontyneluvr Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth- I am going to have to change my name to damienluvr- ouch!

  16. julienned Says:

    Damien, you’re making me have to reach for another dose of my blood pressure meds.

  17. Leontyneluvr Says:

    That Walkure is the stuff of legends- god those voices had squillo for days- about busted my speakers- Farrell sounds sumptious- the most feminine phrasing ever- and King has the most beautiful male Wagnerian sound I’ve ever heard- I had forgotten how wonderful his singing was

  18. Baritenor Says:

    Was this just a concert of act one, or was the whole opera performed?

  19. julienned Says:

    I listened to this again last night. It’s just too much. When I hear music making like this—such amazing voices, such insight, character, power—I wonder if we’ll ever have an era like it again.

    …another great listen is the Fanciulla with Steber and del Monaco that La Cieca posted…

    I know this makes me sound like an old fart, bu†…


    Damien, the photo proves that there is indeed more to life than just music perhaps it’s called LUST!

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