Happy Birthday Aprile Millo!

To salute the American spinto soprano, an assortment of podcasts from Ed Rosen, Charles Handelman and yours truly. Just click on the “play” button and turn up your speakers!

28 Responses to “Happy Birthday Aprile Millo!”


    Happy happy birthday my dear Aprile I do love you! Please., please sing some more Verdi!

  2. La Cieca Says:

    Marschallin, you’re now on moderation.

  3. OperaGuyNY Says:

    Atta girl La Cieca! Show her how we don’t mess around with La Millo!!

    Is there a way to download these? I want these for my iPod!

  4. divademented Says:

    Happy Birthday Aprile! the grand tradition of Italian opera lives as long as you sing. Where, oh where, is your
    b Manon Lescaut
    going to play?

  5. marschallin Says:

    Oh, my pleasure.

  6. figlio impura Says:

    I’d just like to thank la cieca for sharing more of this wonderful soprano.
    What a voice.

  7. What remarkable recordings. Someone was very clever at concealing recording devices at her MET performances during the 80s. Does everyone know, she’s scheduled to sing Tosca with Cincinnati Opera this summer, 3 performances. I believe she’s giving it a trial run (1 performance) at the MET this spring. Also, Cieca mentioned earlier this year that she is scheduled to sing Manon Lescaut somewhere other than NYC. Anyone figure out where it’s at?

  8. Baritenor Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Millo, and Many More. I may not be your biggest fan, but you’re a fasinating artist, and I hope you keep singing for many years.

  9. il stupendo Says:

    alle piu calde immagini ~ in this happiest of moments!

  10. celticpriestess Says:

    Happy birthday, Aprile, and many more years of Verdi (and other great music) to you! And thanks to La Cieca, Charlie and Ed for giving US the presents of all those Millo podcasts!

  11. Wow! What a voice- sensational!
    Great to hear such a fantastic selection too. I don’t know what it is about the spinto’s – but they always sound so secure and that “edge” to the tone that they all seem to have is so thrilling.

    Perhaps I’ve got it wrong but is Leontyne a spinto? – if she’s not she’s so much like one (to me) – although the “edge” isn’t as pronounced due to that sumptuous tone.

    The way she “floats” notes eg- in the Rondine aria – “I belle sono di Doretta” (if I’ve got it right) – makes my spine tingle- but I’m digressing- thanks so much again la Cieca- Aprile is a real treat.

  12. ps: as far as singing with such illustrious company goes – I’m sure they were over-awed to be singing with you 🙂

    Jokes aside, doesn’t matter what anyone says- the fact is, millions of us can only dream about it- but you did it!! – and we can only be green with envy! Yes too – you didn’t do a bad job at all! Bravo!!

  13. LaMalipasta Says:

    Enjoying the selections – but there are performances on the section with the Zeanis Consul (which is fabulous!) which dont seem to be listed – a excerpt from Sour Angelica and a scene from what sounds like a Verdi opera – with a fantastic performance from the soprano. Help!

  14. divademented Says:

    Happy, happy birthday Aprile. The grand style of Italian opera is only alive when you sing! Where , oh where are you singing “Manon Lescaut?”

  15. Michael Farris Says:

    Belated birthday wishes to the formidable Ms. Millo.

    Funny thing is, when I first became aware of her around 1990 with a (her first?) recital disc on vinyl) I wasn’t that crazy about her (and played the album by Maria Chiara I got at the same time a lot more). The voice seemed thick and unwieldly and she often lacked subtlety, but she’s grown on me a lot.

    The fact that she really is the last of the red-hot Italian sopranos has a lot to do with that. Who else singing this repetoire today could you imagine triumphing at La Scala in the 50’s?

    Let’s hope she stays around a _long_ time.

  16. La Cieca, you just made my weekend. Che gioia immensa, grazie mille! (Or is that Millo?)

  17. La Cieca Says:


    All three of these podcast series are available on iTunes:

    Premiere Opera Podcast
    Handelmania Podcast
    Unnatural Acts of Opera

  18. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Where’s Millo singing these days?

  19. Baritenor Says:

    Does anyone have a favorite Millo role/recording? I am personally in love with her Ameliua on that DVD with Pavarotti.

  20. julienned Says:

    Thank you La Ciece. What a treat.

  21. Cynthia! Says:

    Just beautiful!!! Thank you La Cieca!

  22. opera80221 Says:

    I just listened to La Millo sing the Rusalka Aria…THANK you La Cieca for giving us a way to hear her artistry..WHY oh WHY can’t we hear her do it on stage? I can imagine that beautiful edge to her voice roll over the orchestra…one thing I’ve always adored about her is her expressive portamento, and beauty and wealth of heart in her singing…..how I love hearing her, because she’s so exceptional….I always remember the first time I heard her in a broadcast in Don Carlos…that sound stopped me dead in my tracks…thought it was Tebaldi singing again.


    I almost killed myself in a car wreck, the first time that I heard La Millo. I was driving down a rather busy street in Denver while listening to a broadcast of Luisa Miller with Millo in the lead. The “Confrontation Scene” with Wurm was blasting from my speakers and Millo was sizzling. I got so excited that I ran some dear old lady off of the street. Therefore, I pulled over to the side of the street and parked the car to finish listening to the broadcast. Fortunately, I purchased the recording and listen to it often in the safety of my home–the last scene when she’s dieing still brings me to tears–Aprile sings the shit out of it!!

  24. julienned Says:

    I need to get that recording. I love that opera (Luisa Miller), and would love her in it.


    She’s fabulous. The rest of the cast ain’t too bad either! (Domingo, Quevar etc)

  26. LaMalipasta Says:

    Does anyone know what the final scene – of what sounds like a Donizetti opera – is on the final section of the podcast?

  27. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Wasn’t that from I Lombardi?

    Will need to listen again to know for sure.

  28. OperaGuyNY Says:

    Now I haven’t heard many Otello’s, but I think I can venture to say that is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Salce and Ave Maria I’ve EVER heard. WOW! Anyone see it live? Is everyone going to her Tosca?

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