Et je sais votre nom

Which diva is more than a little miffed at Met management at the moment? It seems that a major cast change in her opera was a done deal — even posted on — while she waited for a frank — or for any — word from those in charge.

18 Responses to “Et je sais votre nom”

  1. Just Another Tenor Says:

    I have not noticed any changes… Except that I do not recall Norah Ansellem being scheduled for the last three Gildas of the season. Was Mary Dunleavy scheduled for one of those?
    Aside from that, divas for Tosca, Lohengrin, Parsifal and Rodelinda seem to be the same.. although I could be wrong.
    Ideas, anyone?

  2. Bill Bookbinder Says:

    Hmm. Could that be Deborah Voigt? Now saddled with Franco Farina — the barking loud tenor — in Tosca?

  3. Could it be LaVoigt? Marcello Giordani being replaced by Franco Farina?

  4. Baritenor Says:

    Farina….ewwwww. I still haven’t forgiven him for an AWFUL Radames last season in LA.

  5. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Amsellem was already announced for the last Rigolettos according to the schedule I got earlier in the season.

  6. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    The only cast changes I see for these last weeks are Stephen West replaced by “Greenan” in the first Lohengrins of the season and Frank Lopardo taken out from a couple of last Traviatas.

    Talking of Lopardo, he’s getting very little attention at the Met these days, isn’t he? Any idea why? I always liked him.

  7. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    La Cieca didn’t say the changes were for this season, did she?

  8. operaman50 Says:

    Could you be referring to “Frank” Lopardo being replaced in TRAVIATA? .. “Frank” Farina fits the clue, too, though.

  9. I was at the Traviata this past friday and the audience was lukewarm. The replacement tenor for Frank Lopardo (the name i forgot) was not good in my opinion—such a small, strained voice, i did not really like him. As for Hong, I thought, she was better than i expected, no high e of course…didnt think she would/could? anyway. As for the Lohengrin on monday night, i didnt think the replacement of Stephan West caused much of any problem… the replacement seemed alright, though overwhelmed occasionally. Other people such as DeVol, Mattila, Heppner, Fink were in relatively good shape. I dont really care all that much for king henry anyway.

  10. I’m sure it’s Farina. Not a happy replacement for Giordani. (It has to be this season, since a next-season replacement wouldn’t be up yet on the Met website, no?)

  11. Baritenor Says:

    Farina isn’t a happy replacement for anybody.

  12. papagenodz Says:

    la cieca said she and diva … and it didn’t seem ironic … is it a guleghina thing?

  13. I don’t know who the replacement is or what it might be for, but I think the diva is Renee Fleming. “Et je sais votre nom” is a line from Act I of Manon, which Fleming just sang.

  14. baryton francais Says:

    It has to be Franco Farina. He has replaced Giordani for the run of Tosca. I was hoping to go, as it will be the last parade of Zeffirelli’s production, but I will seriously have to think about it now…. 8-(

  15. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Padre augusto, conosco il nome dello straniero!

    Et je sais votre nom in Italian could be from Turandot… And Turandot is scheduled for next season with Diva Sunnegardh, isn’t it?

  16. I still think it’s Fleming in reference to Manon earlier this month. Marcelo Alvarez was listed as Des Grieux in the season brochure, not Massimo Giordano who actually sang — so that’s the casting change.

  17. Hans Lick Says:

    Is Netrebko as upset as I am that Sir Riccardo in her Puritanis next year will be Mr. Croft (yawn) rather than Mr. Kwiecien (deep, manly sigh)?

    Hans Lick
    who proudly claims the title of leading Kwiecien fan west of the Oder-Neisse

  18. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Hans Lick has to add Il Tenore di Grazia to the Kwiecien fan list. I saw him for the first time Friday evening in the last Don Pasquale of the season and much enjoyed his performance. Would love to see him as Don Giovanni.

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