"We’re your Verdi Girls"

Yes, the opera is Aida, of course, but is La Cieca the only one who thinks these three should be singing “It’s Raining Men?”

37 Responses to “"We’re your Verdi Girls"”

  1. Don Juan Tenorio Says:

    Dude! That’s my friend Angela Brown! Where is this pic from?

  2. Leontyneluvr Says:

    Is that Carl Tanner?

  3. OperaGuyNY Says:

    “Now you lie, you lie, I never been so thin…”

  4. figlio impura Says:

    First thoughts were
    “holding out for a hero” or
    “summer lovin'” from grease or
    “You think you’re a man but you’re only a boy”

  5. Actually, they look like they should be singing “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).” I LOVE the Two Tons of Fun.

  6. Baritenor Says:

    I don’t get it….

  7. julienned Says:

    Reminds me of a still from some PBS nature show on frogs mating.

  8. It must be from Opera Pacific….they’re doing Aida with Angela Brown and Carl Tanner right now….

  9. papagenodz Says:

    big girls sing verdi


    Is there a problem with ethnic people of color singing opera??????
    I certainly hope NOT!!

  11. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    That they sing well is all that matters !

  12. The first thing I wondered about the one on the left — “When’s he due?”


    itdg and paul, as my mom once said “the voice loves fat”.

  14. Luxie P. Says:

    I saw one of the “It’s raining men” duo give a concert awhile back. She was, unfortunately, costumed as badly, if not worse, than the artists in this picture. The clothes selected for her emphasized her weight and absolutely nothing else…like her very expressive face, for instance, or the fact that she had a well-defined figure underneath the sequined muu-muus.

    Those Aida get-ups are some pretty unfortunate costumes, as well.


    luxie p, In all my years attending opera, I’ve never seen the “full figured girls” costumed too nice. That is one of the big reasons La Callas trimed down to 104 pounds at her lowest.

  16. Leontyneluvr Says:

    Carl Tanner is my buddy and he is not petite- but that costume certainly exagerates his curves!

  17. Mr. Wotan Says:

    Yep. Opera Pacific. I have friends who are going tomorrow night. Better tell them to take their umbrellas and eat light. Ouch.

  18. Mother Fucker Tenor Says:

    First of all, I am sure this is the egyptian version of “And I am telling you” from Dreamgirls. In fact, Angela Brown looks like Jennifer Holiday, in the day, and the Poor guy behind her has a stunning resemblance to Pearl Bailey with a headband. The Costumer should be shot. Carl Tanner, although I find a mediocre singer, certainly is not anywhere that size and neither is Angela Brown. Unless Carl Tanner has gained 100lbs. since Fanciulla, this picture definitely misrepresents a stocky, beefy, handsome guy.


  19. OperaQueensUnite Says:

    Alleluia Girlfriends! You go!
    You have to admit: They sure are larger than life.

  20. Baritenor Says:

    Yeah, but I can tell you right now that, despite the girth, all three have glorious voices (especially Donnie Rae Albert)

  21. opera80221 Says:

    I agree with Baritenor…none of them look over extended to the Jane Eaglen, Alessandra Marc field…if they can sustain a tone, make it big, make me cry, then whattahell

  22. celticpriestess Says:

    I think they’re singing that the costume designer ought to be entombed alive,
    not Radames and Aida! I agree that a good singer can make me cry no matter what his/her figure is like, but the costumes shouldn’t make the singers or the audience cry!

  23. paddypig Says:

    Well I guess they did not have room for the elephants in this production!!I haven’t heard of Donnie Ray Albert in years, did not know he was still singing. last saw him in 1981 in a production of Faust at Lake George Opera (with Soviero and the third Faust was Jerry hadley) However, after Aida with voigt(large) and Pavarotti, or Margaret Price and Pavarotti, or sharon Sweet or Allessandra Marc (there was no room for anyone else on stage that night) these three don’t look that bad.


    Let’s cut to the chase–if the two on this picture were anything but ethnic people of color, size would NOT matter. Girls (and boys) let’s be honest! They are soooooooooooo funny and odd looking because they are …..

  25. Michael Farris Says:

    “if the two on this picture were anything but ethnic people of color, size would NOT matter”

    Get over yourself already, the only really funny looking one is the white guy. Block him out and the picture looks like a large (but not gigantic) soprano and an average size Amonasro, nothing out of the ordinary.

    But he’s so very funny looking that his ridiculousness rubs off on the others and makes them look funny as well.

    However put the tenor in that costume either _hates_ him (and maybe the rest of the cast) is a fool or a hack or all three.


    O.k. Michael, believe me I’m well over myself–the tenor certainly appears to be a “dream girl” or that he should be singing “It’s raining Men” like the two rather heavy disco ladies

  27. JATM2063 Says:

    A rose by any other name is still a rose…..Call it what you want. “Husky” “bad costumes”, etc. All three of them are fat.

  28. And I bed your fat too Fat head


    Oh now come on my children. This IS an Opera Blog. We really can’t discuss the “Poundage” issue. We opera people are known to carry some extra kilos around. It’s the voice that really matters! Let’s face it, for the most part, you can’t vocally “ride that orchestra” and weight 80 pounds!

  30. paddypig Says:

    We have had some singers that are quite petite who did ride the orchestra with no problem (Sayao, Stratas, Dessay,older Scotto)and some big voices have not always come in equally big bodies, Simionato (get a look at those heels she wears in the Cavalleria from Japan)was only about five feet tall as was Cossotto, Florez is quite Chelsea boy slim and only about 5″7″ tall. I think the issue isn’t just the poundage, it is just the unfortunate moment in the staging that makes these rather zaftik singers look silly. Also, despite Eaglen’s size, it was never a huge voice, in fact when I first saw her at the Levine gala doing the longest immolation scene I have ever heard, I was quite impressed(not) by how small the voice was for such a big girl who was credited with being the new Wagnerian life saver- we all know how that ended up- years of really mediocre performances with absolutely no dramatic tension or stage presence. I am grateful that she is no longer being used by the MET -that Norma was awful.

  31. Baritenor Says:

    Yeah, Jane Eaglen’s a yuck factor. Give me Christine Brewer any day.


    Yes, paddypig, you are, of course, right. BIG voices sometimes do come in little packages and the opposite is true too.

  33. paddypig Says:

    My mom (who was only five feet tall had a sayin”good things come in small packages–diamonds and dynamite”

  34. paddypig Says:

    only saw Brewer once, in Santa Fe’s
    Egyptian Helen, she was really wonderful. reminded me then of Debbie Voigt,(or back further to Helen Traubel) big rich Strauss voice.Looking forward to seeing more of her in New York


    Paddypig, Your mom was correct! My mom was little and she was dynamite–don’t even think of crossing her! Those who did are NOT alive today to talk about the experience.

  36. We’re your Verdi girls, and have we got Opera News for you.
    The Nile is rising, Airfares gettin low.
    According to Phhhh–tttaaaahhhh, West Coast’s the place to go.
    (I lose my muse at this point)

  37. Daniel Says:

    nycof – Looking at your pic at last I understand how Calaf felt when he first saw Turandot!
    -Oh divine beauty, oh marvelous one -oh dream! How I’m suffering at the sight of you!!
    Your glory is radiant -I want you to be mine!”

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