Envelope, please…

La Cieca has just learned that the winner of the 2006 Richard Tucker Award is tenor Lawrence Brownlee. Career Grants will go to Kate Aldrich (mezzo-soprano), Jordan Bisch (bass), Quinn Kelsey (baritone), Dimitri Pittas (tenor) and Gerald Thompson (countertenor). Sarah Tucker Study Grant winners include Stephen Costello, Ann McMahon Quintero and Trever Scheunemann.


26 Responses to “Envelope, please…”

  1. Baritenor Says:

    Congradulations to all. I’ve only seen Ms. Aldrich (in Idomeneo opposite Domingo and Veronica Villaroel) and she is a fine artist, one to be watched.

  2. il stupendo Says:

    i’m so happy that a tenor who sings much of Rossini won.



    I do hope that Lawrence is judged solely on his talent!

  4. Il Tenore di Grazia Says:

    Congratulations to all.

    Perhaps next year we’ll see our very own Il Tenore di Coloratura Superba similarly recognized.

  5. opera80221 Says:

    I’m wondering what other talents Callasorphan is referring to? Sounds like something we’d BOTH like to explore….how GREAT it is to have another opera queen in the same city, in the middle of nowhere


    opera80221, Just his singing ability. Yes, here we are in a small little town far from civilization–I however, must say that I’m old enough to remember when Denver had NO opera, In fact, I attended Opera Colorado’s 1st production–La Boheme with Malfitano (sp?) and Domingo and Diaz (I think) Sooooooooooooo I’m far too old to explore a new Tenor in anyway–I would not want him to go into shock at the sight of an old OQ–he has an Opera career to pursue!!
    Anyway, very nice to meet you on this blog opera80221!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. opera80221 Says:

    Well, as far as any Rossini tenor, or coloratura tenor, I’m interested to know if anybody out there knows of somebody who can match Sutherland trill for trill? That’s an acrobatic situation that even though mine is better than some, I can NEVER match hers, and neither have I heard anybody who could. Incidentally, Callasorphan, you and I must be the same age, because I was in Denver before Boettcher was built, and to celebrate, we had Price, Moffo and Pavarotti inaugurate the hall. Ironically, Moffo was my favorite- all graciousness, glamour, smoky voice…just a CLASS ACT…..remember that CO? One more thing..caught an old Mozart concert on the ClassicChannel here (8) and saw a gorgeous rendition of Victoria De Los Angeles singing the Laudate Dominum of Mozart…..what purity that girl had…made me cry, and that don’t happen too often.

  8. il stupendo Says:

    besides Joanie’s trills, i also find the trills of Montsie (her trills at the end of caro nome are pearl-like!), Hornie, Kathy, and Bartoli to be outstanding!

  9. papagenodz Says:

    ann mcmahon quintero, one of the sarah tucker study grants, went to northwestern with me, and she has quite the trill herself. mignon dunn herself was very proud of ann’s o mon fernand.

  10. Renaaay’s trill is quite spectacular, in my opinion, and consistent. Callas had a good trill sometimes–kind of hit-or-miss. Dame Gwyneth had a surprisingly good trill for a dramatic, too. Schwarzkopf was supposed to have had a perfect trill, but I haven’t yet heard one that doesn’t sound like a shake (though it does indeed alternate between two notes).

  11. papagenodz Says:

    dolora zajick can let one loose when provoked, which unfortunately isn’t often enough.

  12. Gerald Thompson is an exciting countertenor. Not the most beautiful voice (not ugly either) but some of the fastest coloratura I’ve heard from a countertenor.

  13. SF Opera Lover Says:

    I have seen Gerald Thompson in several performances with San Francisco Opera and have loved him in all of them. His Unulfo in Rodelinda is especially memorable. Here is the review of his performance from Opera News. “But there was another fine proponent of the voice type in the cast: Gerald Thompson, whose singing of Unulfo was clear, penetrating and always lovely.”

  14. baryton francais Says:

    Not many can compare to Sutherland in her beautiful coloratura and trills… She was never aspirate, nor throaty. Even when older, her coloratura remained quite amazing.


    Yes Joannie could trill herself silly–she said that she learned how to trill by listening to the birds! all I know is that she really could do it.

  16. Well he’s about 2 feet tall. What I’d give for a big, tall, dark and handsome tenor. I hope he’s at least hung.

    Ok, did anyone else hear the competition? It was horrible. I swear they pull singers from the crapper and look nowhere else. I never heard so much screaming in my life. Absolutely shameful.

  17. JATM2063 Says:

    HUNG? HAH! Have you looked at his picture? He’s a bottom.

  18. papagenodz Says:

    sutherland’s best trill, in my opinion: as antonia dies in les contes d’hoffmann.

  19. opera80221 Says:

    All I can say is that I’d hit notes that could bring the HOUSE down if I had Damien’s anatomy in front of me……I’d be singing trills and high e’s all NIGHT!..Thanks for the eye candy!


    That entire recording of Hoffman with Joannie and Placido is just wonderful. Joan truly sings her lungs out. I just love the trio with Antonia!!!

  21. Yeah, it sucks. It’s the bottoms that always have the biggest cocks. What a waste.

  22. Baritenor Says:

    Get This: Joan and Placido’s Hoffmann was the first Opera cd I ever bought. Even after all these years, it’s still one of my favorites. especially because of Gabriel Bacquier.


    What a way to start!

  24. paddypig Says:

    My first opera LP was LA TRAVIATA with Moffo, Tucker and Merrill.


    My intorduction to opera and Maria was her recording with Gobbi of Rigoletto–it changed my life!!

  26. Daniel Says:

    Not surprised callasorphan – wonderful stuff! Gobbi was a great artist and a wonderfully warm human being apparently – in real life the nice guy but onstage no one played bad guys better.

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