Breath control

You know, La Cieca heard there were some staging modifications to the Wilson Lohengrin since the last revivial, but who knew?

As La Cieca announces in her current podcast, she will be liveblogging the WQXR broadcast of the Volpe Farewell Gala this Saturday evening. Comments will be enabled so you can be as interactive as you like. Or, come to think of it, how many of you would participate in a chat room devoted to this broadcast? Let La Cieca know and, as always, she will do her best to turn your wishes into reality.


5 Responses to “Breath control”

  1. Chenier631 Says:

    Yes, I would be most interested in a chatroom for the Volpe gala.

  2. Baritenor Says:

    As would I. And the Blaine Picture:

  3. Michael Farris Says:

    I guess it says something about modern opera staging that I didn’t get this at first.

  4. il_guarany Says:

    A chat room would be a fantastic idea. We could also all get Skype accounts and do a video teleconference.

  5. OperaGuyNY Says:

    Chat Room is a great idea. Should be hilarious.

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