Endless Love?

The Artists Formerly Known As The Love Couple made one of their now-rare duo appearances last weekend singing something called “Come Prima” at a BBC concert in London’s Hyde Park. The poster for the event suggests that Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna are shall we say, growing apart.

Why the distance between the once-inseparable team? Don’t go blaming Sir Terry Wogan! But could it have something to do with the unbilled appearance of “hunky Romanian pop singer/actor” Stefan Banica Jr.?

Mr. Banica, star of such film epics as Liceenii rock’n roll (1990) and Sexi harem Ada-Kaleh (1999), recently created the role of Billy Flynn in the first Bucharest company of Chicago. He is seen here soulfully duetting with compatriot Gheorghiu.

So, just how simpatico were Gheorghiu and Banica onstage? Well, let’s put it this way: the Beeb’s website captioned this photo “Angela Gheorghiu duets with Roberto Alagna.”

If you care to hear how this concert sounded, you can access it at BBC Radio 2. La Cieca’s correspondent on the scene in Hyde Park suggests, “Use the 5 min skip button to miss the less interesting items. Angela’s first contribution is 10 minutes in. Roberto’s, followed by their duet, is about 50 minutes in, and the rest 1 hour 15 mins.” Though, be warned, you’ll miss “Italian sensation Vittorio Grigolo, plus trumpet player Alison Balsom and special guest, music legend Lionel Richie.”

Alas, the afternoon portion of the concert was not broadcast, so you’ll just have to use your mind’s ear to imagine the performances of “Madness tribute band One Step Behind, irrepressible cockney duo Chas & Dave, and poptastic singer Chico.”


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