Met 2.0

La Cieca notices that The Met’s website has relaunched with an abundance of new content, focusing at the moment on the eagerly-awaited opening night whoop-de-do, but also pointing to the first week’s revivals of Gioconda and Idomeneo.And that’s just the tippity-tip of the iceberg, because deeper in the site there’s a magazine’s worth of background material, everything from a photo gallery of the Met’s annual “facelift” (dare we hope that the peeling gold leaf will at long last be patched?) to a campy advice column from “Figaro” touching on such life-and-death matters as the proper use of the lorgnette and what the hell “ventitre ore” is supposed to mean. Multimedia content includes audio interviews with Anthony Minghella and Cristina Gallardo-Domâs, plus a video interview (video! On the Met’s website! Can you stand it? Is this the 21st century or what?), well, as La Cieca was saying, a video interview with Jack O’Brien , director of this season’s new Trittico. Can a Met Wiki be too far in the future?


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