Sirius business

La Cieca has just noticed that when you go to the website, the first thing you see is a big splashy ad for the Sirius/Met partnership. Cool, right? Well, here’s more coolness. has become an affiliate with Sirius to promote their new channel, and if you click through either of the ads on this page and follow up on the offer, La Cieca gets a small commission.

nullThe ad to the left takes you to a limited-time discount on Sirius radios, and the ad over in the right nav bar is an offer of free online Sirius service, perfect for sampling the opening night of the Met season this Monday. La Cieca already suspects that the Sirius people are going to be gobsmacked by the response of opera lovers (surely the most passionate music fans on the planet, no?) Let’s enjoy this new era of opera together, shall we?

UPDATE: La Cieca hears that Sirius will introduce an internet-only version of their service offering “CD-quality audio and the flexibility of listening wherever you have internet access: at home, in the office or on the go” beginning early next week. Subscription price is $12.95 a month, presumably with discounts for one-year and longer packages. Again, La Cieca urges you to check out Monday night’s programming through the Sirius free trial offer.

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