Lo, here and there the gentle lark

The legendary Florence Foster Jenkins, who until recently held the title “America’s Most Delusional Diva,” has gone bicoastal. The delightful play with music Souvenir, a “fantasia” on the life and exploits of La Jenkins, opens October 12 at the Brentwood Theater in Los Angeles for a month-long stint. Recreating her Tony-nominated turn as FFJ is the ineffable (La Cieca means that in the good way) Judy Kaye. More information.

Those of you whose interest in Jenkinsiana is more than just skin deep should be aware that he can’t-miss event of the season is only a few weeks away. Dishy documentarian Donald Collup has produced a full-length film recounting “the entire story” of Madame J, set to premiere on November 3 at The Vocal Record Collector’s Society. Collup’s first essay in the documentary form, “Never Before: The Life and First New York Career of Astrid Varnay” will screen the day before (November 2) at the The Lillie Devereaux Blake School on the Upper East Side.


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