When Ladies Meet

The scene: Backstage at the Richard Tucker Gala.

The situation: Diva X is onstage, singing music from the opera _________, a role for which Diva Y (also on the bill) is famous. Diva Z is among the onlookers while Diva Y “holds court.”

[The guests chatter.]

Diva Y: Silence! What’s that music!

Diva Z: Why, that’s a scene from _________.

Diva Y: __________? Who on earth is singing that?

Diva Z: Oh, that’s Diva X!

Diva Y: Diva X? Is Diva X actually singing _________?

Diva Z: Well, yes, but, you know, it’s only an excerpt, not the whole role . . .

Diva Y: [interrupting] Never mind, my dear. That was a rhetorical question.


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