Don’t blame Canada

From the mailbag:

Dear La Cieca,

First of all, you are fab.

[Several paragraphs of fulsome praise snipped.]

But that’s beside the point.

I just noticed that the Met has published more details on their upcoming HD broadcasts. Unfortunately, at least as far as Ontario is located, they did an abominable job in choosing their locations — Waterloo and Niagara Falls.

How many people are going to drive or take public transportation from Toronto or Ottawa, for example, for that? And how many of the local population can you really rely on to make these Saturday afternoons a lasting success?

It looks as if the situation in the US might be better, but only marginally so. NY state seems to be represented by Syracuse and Albany – I wonder if they are the Empire State’s answer to Waterloo and Niagara Falls. Probably.

I immediately thought of you and how a lively discussion on your blog might reach the powers that be who we all know check out your blog incognito for a real finger on the opera pulse.


“Il Guarany”


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