Is this the face of Opera Chic?

Intrepid girl reporter Opera Chic has lead the blogosphere in her coverage of the recent Alagnadammerung. But who is this mysterious Opera Chic? An important piece of evidence has made its way into the greedy mitts of La Cieca: soon the truth may be told.

Here we see a photograph of the poster for tonight’s performance of Aida at La Scala:

This photo was published on Opera Chic’s site, and we can assume it was taken with Opera Chic’s very own digital camera. Now, cher public, La Cieca asks you to fix your gaze on the lower right-hand corner of the photo, just past the “Y” in “Chailly.” The keen eye will discern a reflection in the glass covering the poster:

Aha! Opera Chic has carelessly allowed “her” reflection to appear in the photo! And so we see that Opera Chic is, in fact, no “chick” at all, but rather a dignified-looking middle-aged man with a mustache and full beard. La Cieca could swear she knows this fellow, or at least she has seen his picture before. Oh, this is just so infuriating!

Oh, yes, yes, now, I have it! Now I know where I’ve seen that face before:

Oh. Well. Perhaps we should wait for further facts before we make a decision on Opera Chic’s identity; purely for confirmation, you know.


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