La Cieca non mente

Remember that prediction that La Cieca made about how Renee Fleming would bring her Norma into New York? Turns out that may have been inaccurate. (Yes, you have every right to be shocked and amazed. This is surely a first.) Yes, La Cieca hears, the Met is planning a production of the Bellini masterpiece, but with a different Druidess-in-chief, Anna Netrebko.

Yeah, that sounds pretty unlikely to La Cieca too: surely if Fleming is singing Norma by that faraway date she would invoke “dibs” at the Met. Or maybe once the new Norma is in the repertoire, Netrebko would sweep triumphantly into the first revival, the way Montserrat Caballe followed Joan Sutherland.

Or, on the other hand, Netrebko would make a pretty adorable Adalgisa, and boy, would that DVD fly off the shelves!

Ah, well, La Cieca will just keep throwing gossip at the wall until something sticks. Something always does.


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